Accused Fraudster Stanford with Fiancee's Family?

After meeting with federal authorities in Washington, D.C., billionaire accused fraudster R. Allen Stanford is believed to be staying at a home belonging to family of a onetime employee and fiancee of his, according to ABC affiliate WJLA and a local paper.

After turning in his passport to Justice Department officials Thursday, Stanford reportedly traveled by car to Fredericksburg, Va., where FBI agents served him with civil papers related to a complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission last week.

The Fredericksburg home at which Stanford is thought to be staying is owned by Bryan Stoelker, the brother of Stanford's onetime girlfriend, Andrea Stoelker, according to the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star newspaper. Stanford is reportedly separated from his wife, Susan.

Calls to the Virginia home and to a number belonging to Stoelker in Miami were not answered.

Records and news reports say Andrea Stoelker was reportedly an employee of Stanford's as recently as last fall, when media reports said Stanford had fired her. A spokesman for Stanford at the time confirmed the billionaire was engaged to Stoelker, but denied she had been fired. Stanford also denied rumors published in the British press then that Stoelker had an affair with the captain of his cricket club, Stanford's Superstars.

Stoelker was described by the Daily Mail at the time as a 30-year-old "pretty American brunette."

According to the London Sunday Telegraph, Stanford called the affair allegation "complete horse manure." He reportedly told the paper he and Stoelker had been together for seven years and were "happier than ever."

Stanford Accused of Swindling $8 Billion

In a complaint filed days ago, the SEC says Stanford defrauded 50,000 customers to the tune of $8 billion, by lying about the return rate on certificates of deposits offered by his firm, Stanford Financial. U.S. authorities have siezed private jets, real estate, a boat and more belonging to Stanford.

It is not known if Stanford and Stoelker are still engaged. A WJLA reporter at Stoelker's parents' house Thursday night approached the front door but got no response.

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