10 Things You Shouldn't Buy on Black Friday

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While the allure of bargains and group-think make Black Friday deals seem compelling, shoppers should think twice before filling shopping carts to no end. Website dealnews compiled a list of these 10 items that may be lower in price after Black Friday.


While parents may find relief in completing toy-shopping before December, toys may be cheapest two before Christmas. Last year dealnews found that Bigfoot monster dropped 40 percent and Pillow Pets dropped 52 percent during the third week of December.

Top-Brand Televisions

While many stores advertise deep discounts on flat-screen TVs on Black Friday, deals for the biggest brand names usually occur after Black Friday, says dealnews.

2012 Calendars

If you still keep a paper wall-calendar or non-digital planner, you may already know that these are discounted significantly after the new year. So if you can wait to stare at next year's kittens or tropical landscapes, wait until January or February to buy these.

Christmas Decorations

Craft stores like Michael's or big box stores offer great deals on Christmas decorations starting even before Black Friday, but like toys, these are often discounted closer to Christmas, says dealnews.


"This entire category is flagged 'do not buy' for the holiday season," dealnews' features editor, Lindsay Sakraida, says. She says that discounts on jewelry are much better when people are not inclined to buy "something special" for a loved one.

The North Face Denali Jacket

Outerwear company The North Face releases new colors for one of its most popular jackets, the Denali style, and prices may fluctuate. The jacket's lowest prices usually occur during the spring and summer months, though it's not certain you will find your preferred size and color.

Roku 2 XS

Dealnews says the Roku 2 XS media player, on Amazon's list of best-selling items, has great Friday deals. But last year, the Roku XD model became cheaper in mid to late December by $8 plus with a streaming media credit.

Game Console Without a Bundled Item

While gamers may be excited to upgrade their console system, dealnews suggests you at least make sure it is bundled with a video game or accessory. Department or big-box stores seem to have at least one bundled offer. On Black Friday, JCPenney will sell a PlayStation 3 2011 Holiday Bundle, which includes a 160GB entertainment system, Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One PS3 game and Little Big Planet 2 Special Edition PS3 game, for $199.99, originally $219.99.

Winter Apparel

While the chilly weather this week, especially in the Northeast and Pacific Northwest, may lure you to coats and jackets, dealnews suggests you wait to use winter coupons on items that will be on sale in January. Like the North Face Denali Jacket, if you are gifted with extreme patience, you could postpone filling your closet until spring. But you risk a more limited selection.


Like jewelry, watches also seem to decrease in price after the holiday season in general. Unless you see a watch you love and need, dealnews editors suggest you wait until the spring and particularly the summer for better deals on watches, when they are not typical holiday or end-of-year gift items.

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