10 Surprising Things You Can Buy Using Alibaba

What you can get from the e-commerce site.

May 6, 2014 — -- intro: Alibaba, the giant Chinese company that is expected to file an initial public offering prospectus, may reveal the world's largest IPO by a private company.

With the reported hope of raising $20 billion, the company will have even more money to expand its e-commerce company that has been described as a combination of the American companies PayPal, eBay and Amazon all in one.

Yahoo! has a stake that's about 24 percent of Alibaba, but the company will divest part of that in Alibaba's share sale, Bloomberg reports. Yahoo! has a content partnership with ABC News.

Led by founder and executive chairman Jack Ma, who is worth an estimated $8.4 billion, according to Forbes, Alibaba Group started in 1999. The company operates services that include Taobao Marketplace, which it calls on its website China's most popular online shopping destination; and Alibaba.com, which it calls a "business-to-business marketplaces for small businesses engaged in international trade."

Here are some of the things you can buy through Alibaba.com.

quicklist: title: Christian "Loubarkin" Louboutin Inspired Shoe Toy category: Minimum Order: 3,600 Pieces media: 23606432 text: This is described in the web listing as a dog shoe toy made of plush.

quicklist: title: Giant Inflatable Cross for Easter Decoration category: free logo printing on both sides media: 23606916 text: The cross has a three-year warranty, the Alibaba posting states. Plus it's waterproof and comes in your custom size and color.

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quicklist: title: Palm Trees category: Minimum Order: 200 Pieces media: 23606534 text: Palm tree, or Phoenix canariensis, with a trunk height of 130-250 cm and a diameter 23-35 cm.

quicklist: title: Budbox Hydroponic Grow Rooms category: Made of tri-layer reflective material media: 23607086 text: Listed under "garden supplies," this hydroponic grow room listing says, "Whether your just starting out or expanding your Hydroponics kit we have the highest quality grow room range for you." The BudBox sizes range from 75x75x100 cm up to 120x240x200 cm.

quicklist: title: 2014 FASHION Surfing Machine category: Minimum order: 260 Sets media: 23606354 text: Comes in black, pink, blue, this fitness product offers "convenient surfing" or surfriding.

quicklist: title: 2012 Inflatable Labyrinth Maze category: $0 - 1,800/piece media: 23606709 text: You choose the size and the color.

quicklist: title: Fart Sound Bottle Opener category: Minimum Order: 5000 Pieces media: 23607321 text: Listed under cooking tools, the product description states: "five fart sounds, like real fart sound, try to use it to open the bottle."

quicklist: title: Acrylic Aquarium for Underwater Restaurant category: Thickness is 20 mm to 500 mm media: 23606228 text: The seller says it has experience building aquarium tunnels, ocean building tanks, fish tanks, ornamental cylinder and other large products made from acrylic.

quicklist: title: Barf Bib category: Minimum Order: 1,000 Pieces media: 23607374 text: "Tear resistant polypropylene outer shell, combative patient can't tear bib off," the listing states.

quicklist: title: Worm Train category: $20,000 - 30,000/Piece media: 23606007 text: This "popular" coaster train is described as a "big worm amusement park electric train."