The Low Lowdown on Bush and Markets

The president has not had a calming effect on markets so far.

— -- In times of economic crisis, American presidents have a long history of taking to the airwaves to reassure investors and try to calm the financial markets.

President Bush has done this nine times in the last month as the U.S. economy has continued its slide.

Of the nine times Bush made a statement, the market went up only twice. Six times the market responded by closing down. He spoke once on a Saturday when markets were closed.

Here are the market results on the days the president released a statement.

Oct. 7 Dow DOWN 408 (9,447)

Oct. 6 Dow DOWN 370 (9,955)

Oct. 3 Dow DOWN 107 (10,325)

Oct. 1 Dow DOWN 19 (10,831)

Sept. 30 Dow UP 485 (10,850)

Sept. 29 Dow DOWN 777 (10,365)

Sept. 24 Dow DOWN 29 (10,825)

Sept. 20 Weekend-- Markets Closed

Sept. 19 Dow UP 368 (11,019)