American Airlines Sued for $5M After Refusing $25 Lost Bag Refund

Woman Sues AA For Losing Luggage and Refusing to Issue Refund

ByABC News
July 22, 2010, 10:29 AM

July 22, 2010— -- Danielle Covarrubias was understandably upset when she discovered that American Airlines had lost her suitcase, but she became really mad when the airline then refused to refund her $25 baggage fee. That's when she decided to sue American Airlines for $5 million.

The class action lawsuit, filed on behalf of Covarrubias of Pierce County, Wash., is the first since American Airlines started to charge a fee for handling and transporting luggage in June 2008, according to industry experts. The airline was the first major carrier to impose such fees.

"It just goes to show you how enraged people are by the lack of common-sense regulation in the airline industry," said George Hobica, an aviation expert and creator of "It doesn't make any sense at all that somebody should charge for a service and then screw up and not give you your money back."

The case stems from a flight Covarrubias, who lives in Pierce County, Wash., took from Seattle to Grand Rapids, Mich., last May. She paid a $25 fee for her lone piece of luggage but the bag never arrived at its final destination.

"This case … is about an entire industry that has lost touch with its customers," Casey Ingels, one of Covarrubias' lawyers, said in a statement.

Covarrubias, 35, waited for the next flight to arrive but her bag -- with more than $800 of her possessions -- wasn't on it, court papers said. She spent more than $300 on new clothing and toiletries and then waited another 24 hours for news from the airline.

"In her last conversation with American Airlines … she was told nothing could be done," the lawsuit said. The airline refused her demand for a refund of the baggage fee.

An American Airlines spokesman said the carrier was reviewing the lawsuit and offered no immediate comment.

"We already do allow customers to include a checked bag charge refund request in their baggage claim if they file one for other damages and the claim is accepted for full or partial payment," said the spokesman, Tim Smith.

It was unclear whether Covarrubias filed such a claim.

According to court papers, Covarrubias isn't alone: American Airlines damages, loses or delays more than 2,400 pieces of luggage every day.