Recession Guide to Cheap Summer Fun

The best deals and discounts to help you have summer fun without going broke.

ByABC News
April 29, 2009, 6:20 PM

April 30, 2009— -- For many families looking to have some fun this summer, the recession might just rain on their parade.

Americans love going to baseball games, amusement parks, the beach and on vacation when the kids are out of school.

But this year, financial woes are dampening many families' plans.

There are still plenty of ways to have summer fun on a budget.

You can picnic, take a hike, go to the beach or take advantage of numerous other free outdoor adventures.

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But not everything is free.

Take the family trip to the ballgame. Major League Baseball has never been a bargain -- especially when you factor in food, drinks and souvenirs -- and ticket prices seem to climb each year. But this year there has been some backlash.

Some of the best seats at the New York Yankees' new stadium have remained empty, making the entire stadium look empty on TV. In response, this week the team decided to slash those expensive ticket prices from $2,500 a game (yes, $2,500 for just one game) to $1,250 a game. The Yankees also dropped ticket prices for other expensive seats from $1,250 to $650 a game.

The Texas Rangers are also cutting ticket prices to fill seats. On Friday nights, the team is offering "FANtastic Fireworks Friday" events. Tickets can be had for $10 instead of the normal $25 and you get a post-game fireworks show. Parking prices are also slashed from the normal $12 to $5.

Looking to save more money? Consider your local minor league team.

"Minor league baseball is a lot of fun and they are building these new, small stadiums that are really intimate and the players aren't rich and spoiled yet. So often times, you get a better baseball game out of it for a lot cheaper," said Charles W. Bryant, who co-hosts Stuff You Should Know on along with Josh Clark.

Many stadiums also offer deep discounts for the worst seats in the house -- those that might have a pole right in front of you. Buy those tickets and then see if you can sneak closer. Or roam around the public spaces in the stadium.