Workplace Best and Worst: Great Achievements

While most of us were taught to let our work speak for itself, to not be a self-promoter and to seek to be part of the team, it's inevitable that the office suck-up will sometimes get the big promotion.

It can be frustrating, especially for the 91 percent of readers who responded to a poll that they would rather drink Clorox than talk up their own personal accomplishments or consider self-promotion a necessary evil.

With that in mind, last week we asked you to boast about something that you did really well at work. Here are some of the best responses:

      "My biggest success of the year? Defying the odds, and climbing back from the black hole called Traumatic Brain Injury, to return to work and a normal life."

      "Being able to have found the time to change my underwear!"

      "I am a preschool teacher and every day is filled with success stories, but one in particular stands out in my mind. In my class this year is a little boy who, though he has not been diagnosed by a doctor, shows signs of autism. His language abilities are far below what one would expect of a 4-year-old. He engages in mimicry and repetition as a matter of course. One day however, I asked him what his favorite animal is, and instead of repeating the question to me, he answered loud and clear, 'A monkey!' Reaching this child in this small way is my biggest success this year."

      "My biggest success was opening a small computer consulting business which is doing just great."

      "Learning to forgive."

      "My biggest success this year would have to be not only getting a new job after losing my job of 15 years, but getting promoted after only two weeks on the job."

      "My biggest success for the year was, after three long years, getting the EEOC to issue a letter to my insurance company issuing cause for my discrimination complaint against them. They have gotten away with screwing disabled, poor and sick people out of their legitimate disability benefits for several years, and finally, a federal agency is going to take them on! YAY! It's 1-0 for the little people!"

Online Poll

Here are the results from last week's online ballot:
Which best describes your feelings about your own greatest accomplishments at work?

      I'm proud of what I've accomplished and not scared to talk about it, 47.5 percent
      I'm proud of what I've accomplished but keep it to myself, 41.8 percent
      I haven't accomplished much at work, 10.6 percent

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Bob Rosneris a best-selling author, award-winning journalist, popular speaker and a guy who has a file of his greatest hits at work for those times when he hits a particularly tough time at work.