The Best, Easiest 2014 Cyber Monday Shopping Hacks

Want to save even more money during cyber week? Check out these apps and sites.

So how do you wade through the junk that you don't need and find the real deals on the stuff you want?

"We're all for using tools that can help you save," said Jody Rohlena, deputy editor of ShopSmart magazine. "But don't worry that you have to try every trick. Find a few sites and apps you like and make those your go-to resources. That way, you'll save money without spending a lot of time."

Apps and websites like these below can help navigate the clutter of online deals this week and beyond.

1. Shop It to Me

Described as a "free online personal shopper" for clothing, shoes and accessories, website Shop It to Me allows you to pick your favorite designers from more than 600, then select your sizes and how often you want to hear about personalized items when they go on sale.

2. Poach It

Track products you love with Poach It, an app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Then get coupon codes and receive alerts when the price drops.


"Join Frugaa Rewards to earn points when you comment and share; redeem points for gift cards to spend at participating-retailer websites," ShopSmart says.


Get "painless" and free returns for items you bought online with a $49 annual Return Saver membership, even if you bought the product at a website that charges return shipping, according to ShopSmart's description of this website in its "Amazing Money Savers" list.

"Just print a label from and let FedEx take over," ShopSmart says.

However, returns must be made within the merchant's time limit.


"This browser app really is a genius. Enable it for Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and it will show price comparisons, reviews and coupons as you shop," ShopSmart writes to describe, another inclusion in the "Amazing Money Savers" list.

Unfortunately, Shop Genius doesn't work with Amazon's Smile program, which donates a portion of your purchases to the charity of your choice, according to ShopSmart.

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis contributed to this report.