Funniest and Flattest Super Bowl Ad Teasers

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There are five days until the Super Bowl game, and ads for the ads are out in full force. But not all Super Bowl teasers are created equally. This year, a number of Super Bowl ads make fun of themselves and at the pageantry of the tradition. Newcastle, which is attracting a lot of attention with its online ad, is not even going to televise it during the Super Bowl.

Some of the teasers actually are better than the full ads themselves, according to marketing executives.

Here are some of the best and worst of the spots to tease your viewing.

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Slogan for the men's fragrance commercial is "make love, not war."
Axe: "Make Love, Not War"

Steve O'Connell, partner and executive creative director at Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners, called Axe's Super Bowl spot "extremely captivating" with "a nice twist." He said the ad "leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy, which is a nice mature twist in and of itself, given that it's from Axe."

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VIDEO: Get a first look at John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier appearing in Dannon Oikos 2014 Super Bowl commercial.
Dannon Oikos: "Bromance"

In this teaser for Dannon's Greek yogurt, '90s sitcom stars Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and John Stamos reunite.

"What? The Full House Band is back together?" O'Connell said. "I've got to see where this goes."

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Super Bowl commercial for Greek yogurt reunites the cast of "Full House."
Dannon Oikos: "The Spill"

While O'Connell was pumped up by the teaser featuring Coulier, or "Uncle Joey" in "Full House," in red jammies, he said the full ad was "disappointing."

"Oh. So that's what you did with a reunion of the Full House cast? One small joke after 20 seconds of awkwardness?" O'Connell said.

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Hyundai Genesis' "Dad's Sixth Sense" commercial touts auto-emergency breaking.
Hyundai: "Dad's Sixth Sense"

Hyundai is forking over millions for two Super Bowl ads this year, including Elantra's "Nice" commercial featuring "The Big Bang Theory" actor Johnny Galecki, but its 2015 Hyundai Genesis featuring Bruno Mars' "Count on Me" song is stealing the spotlight. Called "Dad's Sixth Sense," the video features a dad watching out for his son through the years -- just as the Hyundai Genesis will watch out for young teenage drivers.

"Sweet. Simple. And sells the product," O'Connell said. "Go figure."

Field goal

Web publishing company's "A Better Web Awaits" commercial for the Super Bowl.
Squarespace: "A Better Web Awaits"

Squarespace, a company launched in 2004 from a dorm room at the University of Maryland, offers a platform that makes it easy to build a website. Its Super Bowl ad may not be a favorite, but it people are talking about how strange it is.

"Despite having some fun, clever moments, it's just too dark and sad. Nobody wants terrible, honest truth on game day," O'Connell said, who declines to describe the ad as one of the worst, but possibly "least best."

Field goal

Used-car retailer's commercial highlights one man's successful experience.
CarMax: "Slow Clap"

Max Lenderman, CEO of School, a Project: WorldWide agency based in Boulder, Colo., said there were some pros and cons of the CarMax ad, including a cameo by "Rudy" actor Sean Astin.

"The slow clap joke went out of style in the 00's. But it's great to see Sean Astin getting some work," Lenderman said.


VIDEO: The terminator himself will appear in a Bud Light commercial during the 2014 Super Bowl.
Bud Light: "Arnold Zipper"

Bud Light's teasers with high-profile celebrities in puzzling scenarios leaves people wanting more.

Lenderman called the advertisements' protagonists a "quirky" combination of celebrity spokespeople, including former California governor and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger in a ping-pong player's get-up.

In other teasers, Actor Don Cheadle hangs out with a llama and musician and comedian Reggie Watts serenades a bachelorette party in a stretch SUV. The tag line? "Whatever is coming. Are you #UpForWhatever?"

"For the Bud Light audience, the more random the better," Lenderman said. "Experiential 'hidden camera' stuff seems to work well these days, and putting one guy through it may prove interesting."

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Website domain provider's commercial has bodybuilders running to a spray-tan business.
GoDaddy: "Bodybuilder"

Last October, GoDaddy announced that it was moving away from racy Super Bowl ads in favor of a more "mature" direction.

Instead of the female body, GoDaddy decided to focus on male bodybuilders in its humorous "Bodybuilder" spot.

Lenderman said he liked the company's tagline, "It's Go Time."

"And Danica Patrick has never looked better. Love what she did with her hair," he quipped.


Peanut butter and chocolate go to "cup therapy" in this Big Game spot.
Butterfinger: #CupTherapy

Many advertising critics are saying the Butterfinger teaser may be too racy, though it certainly is doing its job by getting people talking.

Lenderman said he felt "meh" about it.

"All that for a sex joke? Really? A salami for a phallic reference? That's just plain lazy," he said. "Do 40-somethings still eat Butterfinger?"


Sarah McLachlan Lends Voice to Doberhuahua

Lenderman said Audi's teaser is probably the "worst trailer ever."

"Audi should have more class than this," he said about one of the car company's teasers, which promote the new A-3 and its "uncompromised spirit."

In one 43-second teaser for Audi of America, musician Sarah McLachlan lends her soothing voice and guitar.

"McLachlan's credibility as an activist needs to be poop-scooped up," he said. "Yes, I may be slightly interested in a big-headed dog, but what has this to do with automobiles?"


Maker of Brown Ale creates a trailer for its "If We Made It" campaign.
Newcastle: "Mega Huge Football Game Ad"

Newcastle Brown Ale, which is owned by Heineken, has garnered media attention for its video that describes what it would have in a Super Bowl ad. Its accompanying website for the campaign is Its welcome banner reads: "Welcome to the mega huge website we could afford for the mega huge football game ad we couldn't afford."

O'Connell said the teaser for the spot they could have had if they made it was "hilarious and definitely something I want to see more of."

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