Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Talks About Returning to Life After Husband's Death

Facebook COO opens up after husband's death.

"For me, starting the transition back to work has been a savior, a chance to feel useful and connected," she wrote in a Facebook post. "But I quickly discovered that even those connections had changed. Many of my co-workers had a look of fear in their eyes as I approached. I knew why — they wanted to help but weren’t sure how. Should I mention it? Should I not mention it? If I mention it, what the hell do I say?"

Sandberg's essay describes the lessons she has learned, including asking for help.

"Until now, I have been the older sister, the COO, the doer and the planner," she wrote. "I did not plan this, and when it happened, I was not capable of doing much of anything. Those closest to me took over. They planned. They arranged. They told me where to sit and reminded me to eat. They are still doing so much to support me and my children."