Grey Poupon Facebook Page Won't Let Those With Bad Taste Join

Now you have to pass muster to pass the, er, mustard.

ByABC News
September 13, 2012, 3:34 PM

Sept. 13, 2012— -- Forget about country clubs and Ivy League universities—now you have to pass muster to pass the, er, mustard.

That's the idea behind a new marketing campaign from Kraft foods, makers of Grey Poupon mustard. On Wednesday, the company is launching a digital campaign that will feature one of the first-ever Facebook brand pages to screen potential fans, allowing in only those who exhibit "good taste" to join the exclusive "Society of Good Taste." It's also rebuilding its website on Pinterest, which lets users see and share visuals and messages.

And what exactly counts as good taste?

"It's really if you're able to add some of the things that we would look at—whether or not you're going to certain movies, or restaurants, or improving your grammar, or reading books of good taste," Lynne Galia, a spokesperson for Kraft Foods, in Northfield, Ill., told ABC News.

50 Shades of Grey Poupon, anyone?

Those chosen to become Society members will get the chance to win Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" or a Grey Poupon shopping bag. Those who do not cut the mustard will be able to try again.

"They do get another try, absolutely," said Galia. "If on the first try they're not allowed to join the Society of Good Taste, then they'll be prompted to try again and hopefully the next time they'll be able."

According to Galia, Grey Poupon is trying to attract consumers who may not be old enough to remember the revered 1988 commercial, in which two One Percenters in Rolls Royce's pass a jar of Grey Poupon between their car windows.

Some experts are not entirely convinced the new campaign will work.

"It's great hype, but it will probably piss off more people then turn them on," said Frank Ginsberg, founder and chairman of AFG& in New York. "The old commercial was a much more elegant way of saying 'you either join my fan club or don't.' This sounds like somebody without taste invented it because they don't really know the answer to who has taste and who doesn't."