How Interface Played on the Dreams of Parents and Children

Some former employees are coming forward.

— -- intro:What parent doesn’t believe their child is special, and could have what it takes to become a model or an actor? Chances are they would be willing to listen to a talent scout who told them it was possible.

But some former employees of a company called Interface have come forward to tell ABC News' "20/20" that their company used aggressive sales tactics to convince parents to sign up for their pricey talent marketing service. Once Interface had the parents' money in hand, many parents complained, the company often couldn’t deliver on the dreams they had sold.

“They really did play on the emotions of the parents,” said Lara LaSala, who worked her way up from sales to the executive ranks at Interface.

ABC News’ “20/20” recruited Letitza Draghi and her 12-year-old daughter Isabella to go undercover with hidden cameras and capture her experience on tape.

Interface had recruiters posted in mall kiosks up and down the East Coast, so we sent Letitza and Isabella to stroll past one in a New York area shopping mall.

"20/20" wanted to find out if Interface could get Isabella paying work as an actor or model, or if the whole experience would just end up being a pricey disappointment.

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