Kenny Chesney Joins Apple Music Campaign

VIDEO: Inside Kenny Chesneys Preshow Playlist And His New Deal With Apple Music Real Biz with Rebecca
WATCH Inside Kenny Chesney's Preshow Playlist And His New Deal With Apple Music Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis

Kenny Chesney and Apple Music have joined forces in a new collaboration that features the country music superstar front and center in Apple’s recent campaign.

The new ad takes us behind-the-scenes to look at how Chesney uses music in his everyday life -– from motivating his workouts to prepping him for a live show. It also lets Chesney connect with his loyal fan base, the No Shoes Nation.

“I think that for me, because I’m so fan oriented driven, it’s what I think about all the time. I think this association with Apple Music just enhances all of that. I think it just helps my relationship, that bond I have with my audience,” Chesney told ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis.

And that’s a win-win for everyone, according to Head of Content for Apple Music, Larry Jackson.

“Kenny Chesney is an institution. I’m just happy that he liked the idea and he trusted us. It was so unique and so special to him.”

Chesney was No. 49 on Forbes’ Top 100 Celebrity Earnings list last year, grossing $42 million in 2015 alone. But he didn’t always dream of multi-million dollar musical stardom.

“I wanted to be an athlete; music was never something that I thought about. It was always a part of my life, but it was never a dream of mine till I got into college,” he said.

Chesney attended East Tennessee State University and got a degree in marketing and advertising – and given his new partnership with Apple, it seems to be serving him well.

“If you’d asked me if I would be applying it like this, I don’t think that I would have said yes,” he said.

Kenny Chesney’s 2016 Spread the Love Tour starts April 23 in Auburn, Alabama, and runs through Aug. 20 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The tour has already added additional dates after breaking nine attendance records with his 2015 Big Revival Tour, selling over 1.3 million tickets.