Lawmakers Urge FTC to Investigate 'Dark Money' Group Attacking Consumer Watchdog Group

One group has spent $58,000 attacking the government agency.

In a statement provided to ABC News, Rep. Waters said, "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been so successful protecting consumers and providing relief to millions of Americans that its opponents have had to resort to secretive and dishonest tactics to try and undermine its critical work. I am deeply concerned with the way Protect America’s Consumers is taking our words out of context in TV ads and online in an effort to attack the Bureau. We are working with the FTC to identify those who are responsible and to take whatever steps necessary.”

The representatives complained that their quotes appear like endorsements for the political group's attempts "to ultimately dismantle the bureau." For example, one ad quotes Rep. Ellison with the words, "The CFPB does need to clean up its act." Ellison's full quote from a House financial services committee hearing in 2014 is, “It so happens that the CFPB does need to clean up its act as every other federal agency does, proving that even a stopped clock can be right twice a day.”

One of the ads accuses the agency of being "plagued with scandal and corruption," while pointing to its "luxurious new office," though one report from Bloomberg said the estimated building renovation costs were exaggerated.

"I do this full time and I found it really hard to find out who these people are," Watson said. "The public –- people with actual jobs -- would have no hope finding out who these people are. They’re attacking the CFPB for not being accountable. The problem is these people aren’t accountable to anybody, because we don’t even know who they are."

A spokeswoman for the CFPB declined to comment about the ads.

A spokesman for the FTC declined to comment.