What Alaska Marijuana Dispensaries Can Learn From Colorado, Washington

The wisdom of Yelp reviews for the third state to legalize recreational pot.

And while Alaska legislators figure out who will be allowed to sell marijuana legally -- if ever, pot-growing hobbyists in "The Last Frontier" can learn a thing or two from Yelp reviews in the other two states that have legalized pot.

1. Prices: You Can't Compete With the Street

For one Colorado dispensary, a Yelp reviewer wrote, "Nice people but waaaay overpriced for recreational. $20 a gram plus tax? Phuleeeze. It was far cheaper off the street in NY."

That business owner replied on Yelp, writing: "Thanks for the review and feedback. That price does include tax. We pride ourselves on selling quality products at a reasonable cost. We hope to see you again!"

2. A Nice Pot Bouncer Is a Good Pot Bouncer

"Security guards are a little aggressive, they will make you take off your hat and glasses (even prescription glasses)," one Yelp reviewer wrote on Monday for a dispensary in Seattle. "If you are in the area might as well just go across the street ... they are much friendlier and cheaper."

3. Be the High-End Purveyor of Weed Stores

One reviewer likened one dispensary in Seattle last month to a high-end department store: "There are waxes, edibles, grass, everything a smoker needs! Price points are high, but legally you are getting the best variety and quality. All the packages have dosage and type labels. Have your ID ready at the front door (21+ only) and look for coupons! There was a 10% off in the Seattle times that my boyfriend used. So glad to live in a place where THIS exists! So forward thinking!"

4. Tourists = Cha-ching

Many reviewers of the top-rated dispensary in Denver, Colorado, with 4.5 stars, explained that they were out-of-towners or first-time buyers looking for a "non-sketchy" experience.