Lucy Liu Talks 'Elementary,' Motherhood and Her Earliest Acting Roles on 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis'

Actress Lucy Liu didn't always see herself as a leading lady.

The Queens, New York, native began acting in college and landed her first leading role during her senior year at the University of Michigan. The play was "Alice in Wonderland," and Liu was cast as Alice. It was then that Liu began to see herself as someone who could be in the spotlight, and after college, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

Liu recently joined Rebecca Jarvis on “Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis” for a conversation about her career, being a new mom and what she hopes to leave as her legacy. Below are excerpts from the conversation. For more of Liu’s interview with Jarvis, watch the video above.

b>Rebecca Jarvis: How did you [get] from Queens to Hollywood to becoming an actress?

Lucy Liu: It was a long journey. I mean, it started off with public school and roaming around the alleyways and hanging out. That’s how we played, and then sort of, not really having an idea of what I wanted to do until I really went to college. I mean when I was younger I wanted to be an actress, but it just wasn’t something that was going to be feasible.

Rebecca Jarvis: It’s so far out there, how does one even achieve that?

Lucy Liu: Yeah, and my parents didn’t understand that. I didn’t even mention it to them. I didn’t actually bring it up until I started pursuing it because it would just be, you know, this kind of blob that they couldn’t really connect to. You have to give them something tangible. Like I have a stethoscope on, I’m going to be a ... you know, doctor. Or I’m going to be a lawyer. But I think the arts is not something they really understood or focused on. My parents were very focused on education and business, things like that.

Rebecca Jarvis: You started to fall in love with acting and actually performing while you were in college?

Rebecca Jarvis: How did you manage to break through? What was it?

Lucy Liu: I think it was just about this passion that I had for the arts. I really knew that this was what I wanted to do and I was going to pursue it with everything that I had and I also wanted to show my parents and prove to them that I could do something. I was going to do something. I mean I had no evidence, I had no proof of it....