McDonald's Breakfast: What You Can't Get on All-Day Menu

McDonald's all-day breakfast menu is here.

October 6, 2015, 2:54 AM

— -- The first day of McDonald's national roll-out of its all-day breakfast is here, but before you get your hopes up, here's what you can and can't order.

The long-awaited menu for breakfast fans will vary by location. For those who love McGriddle sandwiches, you're out of luck. That item isn't a part of the all-day breakfast menu in any markets, so you'll be skipping on those 450 to 570 calories. Bagel sandwiches, cinnamon melts and "Big Breakfast" platters aren't included in the all-day menu either.

1. In most markets, you can order:

- sausage burrito

- "Fruit ‘N Yogurt" parfait

- "Fruit & Maple" oatmeal

- hash browns

- hotcakes

- hotcakes with sausage

PHOTO: The new All Day Breakfast menu at McDonald's in New York City.
The new All Day Breakfast menu at McDonald's in New York City. 
Susanna Kim/ABC News

2. In markets that offer McMuffins, you can't get the Egg White Delight or the steak, egg and cheese McMuffin, but you can get:

- egg McMuffin

- sausage McMuffin with egg

- sausage McMuffin

3. In markets that offer biscuits, you can't order the "southern style" chicken biscuit, but you can order:

- bacon, egg and cheese biscuit

- sausage biscuit with egg

- sausage biscuit

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