Most Popular Names That Are Household Brands

Maximus Clean is occasionally teased about his name.

ByABC News
April 24, 2014, 1:22 PM
Maximus Clean is seen in this undated personal photo.
Maximus Clean is seen in this undated personal photo.
Maximus Clean

April 24, 2014 — -- intro:

Maximus Clean, a radio DJ in the San Francisco Bay area, is occasionally teased about having the same name as a household product.

It turns out there are at least 45 real Mr. Cleans in the United States, according to WhitePages, which just released a list of the most popular names in the U.S. associated with top household brands.

Campbell, Newman and McCormick were the three most popular American last names associated with brands that the study looked at, according to data from WhitePages researched the states in which those people live and noticed that the largest number of Hersheys live in Pennsylvania and the most Wrigleys live in Illinois, the states in which those famous brands are based.

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Clean, whose birth name was Chinese, is a fifth generation Chinese American. He changed his name to Maximus when he was in high school.

"I just chose Maximus because it had a great ring to it," he told

In terms of the teasing, it doesn't help that he happens to be clean, tall and muscular.

"As I grew older and older, I started to resemble Mr. Clean more and more -- again, not because of planning, but because I’m old and losing hair."

He said the jokes are probably worse for his wife of about one year, though she takes it in stride.

"My wife’s name is Crystal. She gets it all the time," he said.

Here's a list of WhitePages' popular last names shared with household brands.

quicklist:title: Campbell (soups)text: 488,672 in U.S.; 34,069 in Fla.

quicklist:title: Newman (various foods)text: 132,496 in U.S.; 10,616 in Calif.

quicklist:title: McCormick (spices)text: 131,292 in U.S.; 8,903 in Calif.

quicklist:title: Prince (pasta)text: 58,401 in U.S.; 4,877 in Texas

quicklist:title: Kraft (various foods)text: 27,852 in U.S.; 2,075 in Calif.

quicklist:title: Mott (applesauce)text: 21,752 in U.S.; 1,947 in N.Y.

quicklist:title: Kellogg (cereal)text: 19,702 in U.S.; 2,058 in Calif.

quicklist:title: Heinz (ketchup and more)text: 10,475 in U.S.; 1,264 in Ill.

quicklist:title: Hershey (chocolate)text: 7,956 in U.S.; 2,510 in Pa.

quicklist:title: Musselman (applesauce)text: 7,881 in U.S.; 1,793 in Pa.

quicklist:title: Wesson (oil)text: 6,376 in U.S.; 815 in Texas

quicklist:title: Butterworth (syrup)text: 5,924 in U.S.; 490 in Calif.

quicklist:title: Hellman (salad dressing/mayonnaise)text: 5,464 in U.S.; 523 in Calif.

quicklist:title: Dole (fruit)text: 3,746 in U.S.; 406 in Calif.

quicklist:title: Folger (coffee)text: 2,757 in U.S.; 255 in Calif.

quicklist:title: Wrigley (candy)text: 2,714 in U.S.; 309 in Ill.

quicklist:title: Fleischmann (spreads, yeast)text: 2,714 in U.S.; 275 in Calif.

quicklist:title: Nestle (chocolate)text: 724 in U.S.; 188 in Mich.

quicklist:title: Hormel (meat)text: 400 in U.S.; 57 in Calif.

quicklist:title: Clean (cleaning)text: 45 in U.S.; 6 in N.Y.