Pizza Hut Wins by Courting Millennials With OkCupid Dating Profile

Chain wins millennials by courting them through dating site.

Feb. 12, 2014— -- If the love of your life is hot, round and 55 years old, then it's high time for you to read an eye-catching profile for Pizza Hut on dating site OkCupid.

Pizza Hut became the first company to have a personal profile page on OKCupid on Monday for a contest that promises "The One" will receive a lifetime of pizza (and related happiness). Pizza Hut's description on the dating page indicates that its "body type" is "light and airy" while its job is "delivering." For those who prefer a taller significant other, you're in luck: Pizza Hut's height is "tall enough."

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By Feb. 21, pizza fans just need to create a video (Vine or Instagram) describing the ideal marriage proposal and submit it to Pizza Hut via Twitter or Instagram. Pizza Hut will then invite three finalists to come to its headquarters in Plano, Texas, for some additional challenges. The company will announce the final winner on Pie Day, March 14.

Courtney Moscovic, spokeswoman for Pizza Hut, said the company approached OKCupid for this marketing campaign, because the two companies target young "millennial" customers. She said no money was exchanged in the agreement.

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