Politicians Can Have Some Fun on April Fool's Day, Too

PHOTO: See how congress is reacting to April Fools jokes.Getty Images
See how congress is reacting to April Fool's jokes.

Its April Fools Day, and politicians are joining in on the fun.

They are, of course, keeping it partisan -- but not the way you would think.

Newt Gingrich broke the April Fools ice this morning,tweeting that he now supports President Obama's foreign policy:

A shocking turn-around, given the possibility that a nuclear framework with Iran, which his party intensely opposes, may be imminent. But Gingrich was quick to clarify his rationale for the post:

Scott Walker, who is a likely GOP candidate for the 2016 presidential race, harped on the excitement of campaign announcement season, tweeting he was about to make a "big" one.

For basketball fans, it was a big announcement, although not terribly surprising; he's supporting his state's university in the final four this weekend:

The Democratic Party did have quite the cheeky response:

Inevitably, the Clintons came up:

But House Speaker John Boehner's staff pulled a prank on him that was completely non-partisan. Both sides of the aisle would likely identify with his reaction: