The Secret Is Out: Megahit Writer Says Power of Love Will Fill Your Bank Account

Is 'The Power' relevant for people with money woes?

August 17, 2010, 3:21 PM

Aug. 18, 21010—, 2010 -- In the depths of a recession that won't go away, Rhonda Byrne, author of the megahit self-help book "The Secret," is out today with a new tome that promises happiness and riches to those who can harness an elemental force. Her message is landing at a time when many Americans are out of work and having trouble making ends meet.

Her just-released book, "The Power," claims the life of your dreams has always been closer than you realized. Perfect health, incredible relationships, a career you love, a life filled with happiness and the money you need to be, do, and have everything you want, all come from The Power.

Her publicists turned down interview requests from ABC News, but Byrne's book has some advice for those facing financial travails in these tough economic times.

This is not Donald Trump telling you how to make money in real estate. Byrne, an Australian, says the power source is love. Yep, that's the big secret. The law of attraction is the law of love, and it is the all-powerful law that keeps everything in harmony. What you give out, you receive back.

Whatever you want in life, you want it because you love it, says Byrne. So if you get caught up in talking about what you don't love, every one of those little things brings more struggle and difficulty to your life.

"The Power" has much to say about money. If you feel bad when you think about money because you don't have enough, you get back the negative feeling you're giving, the author says.

You want money because it feels good to buy and do the things you love, and it feels bad when you can't. If you have been living your life saying to yourself, "I will be happy when we have more money," or "I will be happy when my business is a success," you will never have those things because your thoughts are defying the way love works. They're defying the law of attraction, says Byrne.

The money in your life will never change while you don't feel good about it, she claims. Your negative feelings about money put you on a "negative frequency" and you will receive back negative circumstances such as big bills, or things breaking down, all things that drain you of money. "When you react with negative feelings to a big bill, you give out more negative feelings about money, which bring even more negative circumstances to you that drain you of more money," she writes.

So does the power of positive thinking really apply to financial matters, as Byrne so strongly suggests?

"While positive self-perception and motivation no doubt influence one's ability to earn income, the achievement of financial well-being is much more than feelings, love or karma. In other words…bunk!" says Mary Quist-Newins, a certified financial planner and assistant professor at The American College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. "Financial well-being is largely a by-product of financial literacy and planning. Most Americans are sadly lacking in their understanding about even the most basic financial concepts to their own peril," she adds.

Similarly, says Greg Womack, a certified financial planner and author of Wisdom & Wealth, says of Byrne, "This is nothing more than the power of positive thinking wrapped up in a fluffy, feel good package. It sounds good, but at some point you have to do more than just 'feel the love'. It all gets down to discipline and planning. But, yes, having your goals and life passions as a motivator will add much wind in your sails as you journey through life's seas," he says.

Byrne maintains that whatever you think and feel will decide your life and that goes for your finances too. Change your thoughts and you change your circumstances. Byrne says imagine, feel and receive. Focus on and imagine what you desire, be it financial or otherwise, feel love for what you're imagining and the force of love will work through the visible and invisible forces of nature to bring what you desire to you.

If you want new clothes, make sure you have space in your wardrobe, with empty hangers ready for new clothes, Byrne says.

If you think feelings don't matter, Byrne says the only difference between wealthy people and everyone else is that the wealthy give more good feelings about money than they do bad feelings.

"If you lack money in your life, it is because you are giving out more bad feelings than you are giving good feelings about money. When you don't feel good about money, you repel it. It will never stick to you. Even when you get some extra money you hadn't figured on receiving, in no time at all you will find that it has slipped through your fingers. Bigger bills come in, things break down, and unforeseen circumstances of every kind occur," she writes.

So what makes money stick? Love. "Love is the attracting force that brings money, and love is also the power that makes money stick. You have to give love and feel good about money to bring it to you and make it stick. If you lack money, and your credit card debt is increasing, you have no sticking power and you are repelling money," she says.Quit freaking out about the bills, she says.

"When you pay your bills, find a way to make yourself feel good. Imagine they aren't bills at all. Instead, say you've decided to donate money to each company or person out of the goodness of your heart, because of the wonderful service they provide. Imagine your bills are checks you are receiving," Byrne says.

Towards the end of 2004, and following financial, career and family setbacks, Byrne says she discovered a great secret – the secret laws and principles of the universe. Her daughter had given her a copy of "The Science of Getting Rich." Of that moment, Byrne writes, "Something inside of me had me turn the pages one by one, and I can still remember my tears hitting the pages as I was reading it. It gave me a glimpse of The Secret and it was like a flame ignited inside of my heart."

Byrne's attempt to answer some of life's biggest questions resonated around the globe. The film was released in early 2006 and the book, released in 2007 would become a worldwide bestseller has more than 19 million copies in print and is available in 46 languages.

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