Specialty coffee sells for $75 a cup

A California-based coffee company sold out of the bespoke blend.

A California coffee shop recently served a $75 cup of coffee -- and it sold out.

Klatch Coffee is the family-owned and operated business responsible for bringing an exclusive coffee called Elida Geisha Natural to the U.S.

"If you want the best coffee in the world, it’s our mission to give you the opportunity to have that experience," Heather Perry, a member of the Klatch team, told ABC News.

Elida Geisha Natural won first place in the 2018 Best of Panama coffee competition, and sold at $803 a pound.

Elida Geisha has always been one of the most expensive, complex and interesting cups of coffee, according to Perry.

There were only 100 pounds of this particular type of coffee available worldwide, and Klatch brought 10 pounds of it to the U.S., according to the company.

The Elida Geisha Natural sold on the company's website for $75 for 20 grams -- the equivalent of one cup of coffee.

Klatch held three separate events, two in their Rancho Cucamonga location, and one in San Francisco, where they brewed the special coffee for customers.

According to Perry, customers were amazed.

“You taste the coffee and you know almost immediately, ‘Wow this is different,'” Perry said.