Which States Like 7-Eleven Hipster Slurpee 'Stache Straws the Most?

The black handlebar mustache is the most popular straw overall thus far.

May 23, 2014 — -- What's the most "hipster" state in the country? For the same question posed another way: which states like 7-Eleven's new mustache Slurpee straws?

7-Eleven started selling re-usable Slurpee mason jar containers two weeks ago that come with a mustache straw in four different shapes and shades.

Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven vice president of brand innovation and marketing said the company has given the Slurpee 'staches unofficial names: “The British, the handlebar, the Hogan after wrestler Hulk Hogan, and the Swanson, as in Ron Swanson, a character on NBC’s 'Parks and Recreation' played by Nick Offerman."

Which states are hot for the Slurpee contraption? The top sales markets for the straws and mason jars are southern Utah, Oregon and Michigan, said Margaret Chabris, spokeswoman for 7-Eleven.

"It seems these kinds of 'accessories' historically resonate well with our customers in these states," she said.

She revealed that the black handlebar mustache is the most popular straw overall thus far.

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The 26-ounce plastic mug is sold separately ($2.99) from the straw ($0.99). The first Slurpee is free with the mug and refills are discounted.

Media reviews seem to be mixed so far.

TheWire.com proclaims that the cups and straws "will put an end to hipsterism forever."

Sarah Blaskovich from The Dallas Morning News blogged, "Imagine how these could help your street cred at your next pool party."

Customers are going crazy for the straws, says 7-Eleven.

While Chabris said she couldn't reveal sales figures, she said the straw sales have "surpassed our expectations," and it's a "great way to kick-off our big Slurpee summer-sales season."

The company has seen hundreds of mentions on Twitter and blogs that garnered around 1.5 million impressions to date, Chabris said, adding that sentiment among guests is "overwhelmingly" positive.

There are more than 7,800 stores that 7-Eleven, Inc. operates and franchises in the U.S., Chabris said, and more than 53,000 in the world.