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Jan. 7, 2005 — -- Relief money and in-kind donations continue to pour in from the private sector. The ABC News business unit's survey of America's top publicly traded companies shows that the 62 largest firms in the U.S. have donated $125 million in cash and in-kind.

Individuals are also pitching in, the Red Cross fund-raiser on has raised more than $14 million to date.

Here is a list of some of the companies contributing to relief efforts for the tsunami disaster.

Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart is donating $2 million to the relief efforts directly and plans to set up collection points at all its 3,600 stores and clubs for contributions from customers and employees. Also, and will give customers the opportunity to donate online. The money will go to Wal-Mart's Tsunami Relief Fund; the company is still in the process of determining which organization or organizations will receive funds.

Home Depot: Home Depot said Thursday it would donate $500,000 to the American Red Cross International Response Fund. In addition, The Home Depot Foundation is matching individual gifts up to $1,000 from Home Depot employees.

Sears: Sears says it has vendors in Sri Lanka and other areas hit by the disaster and is investigating how to provide assistance. A spokesman said the company's subsidiary Lands' End -- in a commitment made before the Dec. 26 disaster -- is donating about $200,000 of merchandise to International Aid, a nonprofit global relief development and training agency. A portion of that donation will likely reach the tsunami victims, the company says.

American Express: The company will donate $1 million.

American International Group $2.5 million donated by the Star Foundation, the charitable organization of AIG's founder. Star Foundation will match AIG employee donations.

Barclays: Barclays PLC and Barclays Capital (mostly in Asia) are donating 350,000 pounds sterling (approximately $675,000) to the Red Cross and are encouraging employees to also donate to the Red Cross.

Charles Schwab: The Charles Schwab Foundation will donate $10,000 to the American Red Cross and is encouraging employees to contribute by increasing the company match from 50 cents on the dollar to a dollar-for-dollar match.

Citigroup: Citigroup Foundation will provide $3 million in disaster relief aid as well as match employee donations to nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations with a corresponding donation to the Red Cross. Of the $3 million, $1 million will be given to the Red Cross, $1 million to local NGOs in affected countries and $1 million for rebuilding.

Credit Suisse First Boston: CSFB says it will be making a significant donation in the coming days.

Eli Lilly: Donating $2 million, and arranging a program to match employee contributions.

Goldman Sachs: The company says it has contributed a "significant amount" to relief efforts.

ING Group: The company says it is contributing $1 million to a relief fund.

JPMorgan Chase Co.: The company has pledged $1 million for relief efforts and will match employee contributions up to $100,000 per gift. The total matching fund is capped at $2 million.

Merrill Lynch: Merrill Lynch is pledging $1 million to the American Red Cross and its sister organizations. In addition, the company says, employees in regional offices near the affected areas are setting up funds to help provide relief and supplies.

Morgan Stanley: Morgan Stanley says it has an ongoing monetary commitment to the Red Cross for disaster recovery, and will match employee donations to the South Asian disaster relief effort.

UBS: UBS says it will make a donation of $3 million and expects to set up a matching program for employee contributions.

US Bancorp: Donating $230,000 and is expected to make an additional contribution that will not be publicly announced. The company has also established a Tsunami Relief Fund for employees and customers who wish to contribute to the aid effort. Contributions can be made at any of US Bank's 2,346 locations as well as online or by phone. The funds will go to the American Red Cross International Response Fund.

Wells Fargo: Donating $350,000.

3M: Donating $1 million, including an estimated $500,000 from the 3M Foundation and anticipated $500,000 from the employee matching donation program. Also donating medical products (surgical tape, bandages, respirators) and medical tape.

Alcoa: $25,000 donation and matching employee donations made through the Red Cross.

Altria: Altria companies -- Kraft, Phillip-Morris -- are contributing $1 million and are setting up a matching gift program for employees. Kraft Foods expects to make in-kind donations of food products in the region, but details are still being developed .

Boeing Co.: Donating $1 million and matching donations to the Employee's Community Fund, the world's largest employee-managed giving organization.

Caterpillar Inc.: Donating $1 million and matching employee donations up to $2,000.

Chevron Texaco: Donating $1 million.

Cisco Systems: Donating $3 million, which is an increase of $1 million from employee donations.

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola is making a $10 million contribution to international and local relief agencies and is setting up a matching plan for employees. The soft drink giant is also providing supplies such as bottled water, food packets, medical kits, clothing, blankets and tents. For example, in Aceh in Indonesia, 12 of the company's trucks are delivering relief assistance. In India, some 3,000 cases of bottled water have been distributed. In Thailand, more than 500,000 bottles of water have been committed, with 190,000 already delivered, the company says.

Conoco Phillips: Donating $2 million.

Dell Inc.: $4 million donation.

Disney: The Walt Disney Company has set up a fund with the International Red Cross with an initial donation of $1 million. On top of the corporate donation, Disney employees will also be able to contribute to the fund. (The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of ABC News)

Du Pont E. I. De Nemours: The company donated protective clothing, disinfectants, soy-based nutritional products. Currently finalizing a financial contribution to the Red Cross and local agencies. Will match donations of employees based in Asia.

Exxon Mobil CP Donating $5 million and matching employee donations. Local affiliates are providing medical supplies, petrol, organizing blood drives.

GE: GE is giving $1 million to the American Red Cross International Relief Fund and $100,000 to UNICEF. The company is also matching employee donations -- $680,000 as of Dec. 30 -- dollar-for-dollar, and looking into the donation of possible products and services.

General Motors: Donation $1 million, and matching employees donations up to $1 million. GM is also providing vehicles for the transportation of medical supplies and is responding to requests from the Red Cross for vehicles.

Honeywell International Inc.: Donating $1 million, to be used toward housing and shelter.

PepsiCo: PepsiCo International and the PepsiCo Foundation have allocated a minimum of $1 million to tsunami recovery and relief, and is providing bottled water to affected areas. PepsiCo employees in India are giving one day's pay to the relief effort.

Procter & Gamble Donating $500,000 and an additional $1 million worth of water purification products and $500,000 for costs to transport the products to South Asia. P&G is also matching employee donations

Starbucks: The company said it made an initial contribution of $100,000 to CARE and Oxfam UK. During January, Starbucks plans to donate $2 for every pound of Sumatra, Decaf Sumatra and Aged Sumatra whole bean coffee purchased in its stores in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany. Stores in Thailand gave their profits from Dec. 29 to relief efforts.

Tyco: Donating $100,000 cash and 3,000 cases of medical supplies and equipment.

UnitedHealth Group: Donating $2 million.

UPS: Donating $500,000 and an additional $2.5 million worth of services. The shipping giant is airlifting medical supplies and emergency relief items to Asia and will provide shipping to a list of professional disaster relief organizations. UPS is prepared to ship up to 1 million pounds of emergency relief supplies weekly by air, ocean and ground shipping.

Delta: Delta says it has donated 1 million Skymiles to three organizations -- American Red Cross, UNICEF and CARE, that can be used to transport relief personnel or transport injured people. The airline is also offering the Red Cross discounted cargo and shipping rates for blood and other medical supplies.

Southwest: The airline says it is directing employees to donate to various aid organizations.

United Airlines: United says it is providing available cargo space for relief supplies en route to affected areas, and is partnering with the Red Cross to help fulfill supply and shipping needs and transport doctors and health workers. The airline is allowing passengers to donate their air miles to relief efforts.

Abbott Laboratories: Abbott says it has donated $4 million -- $2 million in funds and $2 million in medicines and nutritionals (antibiotics, pediatric nutritionals and rehydration fluids) that the company says will help about 60,000 people.

Astra-Zeneca: The company has made an initial donation of $500,000.

Bayer: Bayer says it is providing funds and medicines like antibiotics.

Bristol-Myers Squibb: The BMS Foundation has donated $1 million to the Red Cross and the company is matching employee donations. The company has also shipped enough antibiotics and anti-fungal medicines to treat 75,000 people for a total of $4 million in-kind donations.

Johnson & Johnson: Johnson & Johnson is making an initial cash contribution of $2 million to relief efforts and will match employee donations to the Red Cross. Johnson & Johnson companies in Indonesia and Thailand have donated sutures and pharmaceutical products and are coordinating donations of food, water and blankets. Local offices in other countries are also contributing food and cash.

Merck: The Merck Company Foundation will contribute $3 million (upped from an earlier pledge of $250,000) to the American Red Cross, the U.S. fund for UNICEF and local South Asian organizations. Merck says it will also donate products to the region. Finally, the company will set up a matching program for employee contributions to the relief effort.

Novartis: The company says its South Asian affiliates are providing water and medications locally. It has not yet determined whether it will make a larger-scale donation.

Pfizer: Pfizer announced it is giving $10 million in cash to relief organizations including the American Red Cross/International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, International Rescue Committee, Catholic Relief Services, CARE, UNICEF and Save the Children as well as local relief organizations. The company will also provide $25 million in medical aid, including anti-infective products like Zithromax, Zyvox and Diflucan.

AOL: On the AOL welcome screen for its 29 million worldwide members is an area where AOL is encouraging members to donate. This site is called the "Network for Good" and is the umbrella organization set up for relief charities. As a corporation, AOL is making a $200,000 donation for relief efforts to the American Red Cross. Finally, the companies will match employee donations, dollar-for-dollar for a maximum of $50,000. On its homepage is a link for people to donate to the American Red Cross. As of Jan. 4, more than $14 million had been raised through more than 172,000 separate donations. By way of comparison, did the same thing after 9/11 and raised about $6.8 million.

IBM: Donating $1 million and deploying crisis response teams in Indonesia, India and Thailand to install hardware and software at crisis centers.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: The foundation has reportedly pledged $3 million to NGOs.

Medtronic Donating $200,000 and earmarking part of a three-year deal with the Red Cross for tsunami relief.

Microsoft CP: Donating $3.5 million -- $2 million from the corporation and an additional $1.5 million from matched employee contributions to date. Offices in South Asia are also involved in local relief efforts.

Qualcomm: Donating $1 million

BellSouth: Donating $1.2 million, including $1 million from an employee matching program.

Sprint: Sprint says it currently supports the Red Cross with phones and calling cards.

US Cellular: The company is matching employee donations and in discussions with the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association to determine whether it should make a large-scale monetary donation.

Verizon: Donating $1 million, including $900,000 from the employee match program and the initial $100,000 donation. The employee match program continues through the end of January.

Comcast: Contributing $100,000 cash and an additional $10 million in-kind donations, including advertising for relief agencies.

MTV: MTV has been showing relief organization information on its HDTV screen in Times Square, and during its New Year's Eve coverage the music channel broadcast information about relief efforts by the Red Cross including an appeal by the rock band Linkin Park.

Time Warner: Donation $1.2 million and organized a matching grant program for employees. AOL has also been soliciting donations through its welcome screen.

ABC News' Charles Herman, Dan Arnall, Roger Sergel and Sheila Marikar contributed to this report.

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