Starbucks splash stick says no to sploshing

ByABC News
April 14, 2008, 1:21 AM

— -- Last week, it began quietly rolling out "splash sticks" plastic plugs for sip holes with tops in the shape of the Starbucks siren.

Extra impetus for the splash sticks came from Starbucks' new social-networking site where Starbucks lovers and haters can rant or rave.

More than 200,000 votes for product or store ideas have been cast on the site since it launched March 19, says Chris Bruzzo, chief technology officer at Starbucks.

Bruzzo hopes the site "fosters authenticity, transparency and encourages our customers to be part of shaping the future of Starbucks."

Splash sticks should be at Starbucks nationally this week. suggests that customers save and reuse their splash sticks "to help minimize waste."

Seeing green.

Wearing o' the green is no longer just for St. Patrick's Day, as some marketers push green clothing (as in eco-friendly).

Meanwhile, car company Saab sells "ethically sewn" clothes on Garments such as a cardigan of "certificated organic cotton" don't have obvious logos, only a label inside saying Saab Reflective. And there's no wasteful plastic on the $178 cardigan; the buttons are made from corozo nuts.

ISO singles.