Summer Gadgets: 'GMA' Tries Yonanas, 'Instant' Tent and No!No!, the Hair Remover That Promises No Pain

VIDEO: Becky Worley tries out the new products and gadgets for your home.

A product making big claims is begging for a real-world trial. So we picked three new products, each making big claims, and put them to use in the real world.

PHOTO: Yonanas frozen yogurt maker is pictured in this undated file photo.
First up, a new frozen dessert maker called Yonanas. The commercial promises, "Just imagine a treat you could make at home that doctors' recommend you eat because it's so good for you."

The device costs $79 plus shipping and handling and the directions say peel ripe bananas, freeze them and then feed them into the funnel and out comes creamy ribbons that look similar to frozen yogurt. Here's the important thing: you only put in bananas -- no milk, no sugar, nothing else, just frozen bananas. The consistency is very similar to soft-serve ice cream, and while that does trick your mouth into imagining it's a sugary treat, the taste is just a little off. It tastes a lot like, big surprise, frozen bananas. I try adding frozen strawberries and raspberries to the mix and it improves the taste a lot. When I told my kids they could have as much "ice cream" as they wanted, they were excited to try Yonanas. Sure enough, they both ate two bowls and LOVED it! As a mom, there are multiple benefits to this: it was a project we could all do together and kill some time, making Yonanas cost less than ice cream, it's a good use for brown bananas, it got the kids to eat more fruit, and it turned a guilty treat into a healthy one.

It was pretty easy to clean up after the Yonanas machine and while it's not the most revolutionary product I've ever tried, I will use it again and hope that I can convert my family into regular eaters of Yonanas.

PHOTO: A Coleman Instant Tent is pictured in this undated file photo.
The 'Instant' Tent?
Next, camping is a summer tradition, but setting up the tent is a summer hassle. Coleman has a new tent they call the Instant tent.

In a video demonstration of the tent, they explain "this single piece frame design is amazingly simple to set up the poles are already attached to the tent allowing you to set it up in under 60 seconds."

I head out to a local camping spot and open the $180 8-person tent.

"60 seconds? On your mark get set GO!" The first time I set it up it takes 6 minutes. I see that there are a few things I could have done better so I try it again and I set it up in 2 minutes flat. It was so much easier than tents where you have to assemble the poles, thread them through the correct flaps, then prop the tent up. Because the poles are already attached to the tent it makes it really easy to set up. The tent is very heavy, but it's clear this is for car camping, not trekking Nepal. It is huge and fits two queen-size air mattresses.

Coleman makes this tent in smaller sizes and if I were buying a new tent to camp with my family I would choose this over a standard tent.

PHOTO: No! No! Painless Hair Remover is pictured in this undated file photo.
No!No! Painless Hair Removal?
Finally, summer is about bathing suits, shorts and sundresses. In other words, you have to shave your legs and armpits.

So along those lines the $270 no!no! hair removal device promises long lasting hair removal that's painless. The commercial says it uses "patented thermicon technology removes and crystallizes the hair for hair removal that lasts."

Following the instructions I tried out no!no! on my legs, armpits and chin.

I used the product several times during a two-month period and while the device did burn away some hair, it left stubble and I never experienced thinning of the leg hair over time. It grew back just as thick. Also when I used the device the first time, it burned my chin, even leaving significant marks once when I was testing it. I used the product side to side on my chin, and the company says that's why I experienced burns. After our initial broadcast, the company that makes the device guided me through the up and down motion they recommended and advised me to use the lowest heat setting. I did not get burns on my chin, but the device also failed to remove all the hair in this area. Also the company spokesperson said that a user "should always start on their legs or arms because the chin is a difficult area, and it's the hardest area to do without difficulty."

The company spokesperson also said that NoNo makes no promises of permanent hair removal which dovetails with my experience. When I used the no!no! device, no hairs fell out and when I pulled out some of the hairs, the roots looked perfectly healthy. I even took the no! no! device to my dermatologist. He confirmed that that it didn't seem to be damaging the follicle or the root and that he didn't see how it could inhibit future growth if it didn't damage the base of the hair.

Also the no! no! manufacturers had this to say, " no!no! 8800, developed by the world renowned medical device company Radiancy, uses patented Thermicon™ technology and is a long lasting hair removal device that has provided results for over 2.5 million users worldwide. no!no! has received rave reviews from customers, beauty editors and TV shows including The Doctors, Dr. Oz and others.

Regulatory testing and published clinical studies have shown that if used according to instructions the product delivers results in a safe, efficacious and painless manner to all skin types and hair colors. Each user is different. In order to guarantee the best results Radiancy has developed unmatched customer service and encourages the user to contact us 6 days a week, 12 hours a day, to be guided through the process. Radiancy is confident that if a user wants to receive results they would be able to do so by following our guidelines, calling customer service or going online to HowToNo!no!.com. For those that follow the guidelines and still do not get results, Radiancy offers a refund that covers the product cost and shipping cost both ways leaving the customer with no out of pocket risk."

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