One writer's child dreams of a sibling she can't give.
camera (Tom Merton/Getty Images) One writer's child dreams of a sibling she can't give.

Couples with children who have a joint annual income of $52,000 or less may have a great way to save on their taxes.

"Low- and moderate-income working families usually qualify for something called the earned income tax credit,” IRS spokesman Eric Smith said.

As Smith notes, taxpayers who meet the criteria might qualify to receive hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars back.

"The earned income credit is a refundable credit, so it can zero-out your taxes and yet still end up with a credit that you receive beyond taxes paid,” he said.

Tax accountant Janice Hayman says the tax credit is for wage earners, and many people who qualify don’t claim it.

“A lot of people receive a letter perhaps from the IRS after their filing, alerting them to the fact that they may qualify, and that they should revisit,” she said.

The annual credit amount depends on how many children you have.

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