What Drives Edward? A Volvo

Photo: Volvo XC60Courtesy Volvo Car Corporation

Take your "Twilight" trivia to the next level… and win a car?

Before the release of the hit film "New Moon," Volvo launched a contest in which you could win a brand new Volvo XC60.

The contest, called "What Drives Edward," is a six-part contest online. The car is also featured in the movie with character Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) driving it.

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The contest ended Nov. 23, though its logon page, www.WhatDrivesEdward.com, is still live. The winner will be announced Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Once enrolled, players were asked questions that tested their knowledge of the "Twilight" saga. Starting on Nov. 1, players were given clues during six different phases to help solve the series of puzzles and were encouraged to exchange hints through Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

According to Linda Gangeri, the national advertising manager for Volvo Cars of North America, the contest had about 298,000 registrants in the United States and 369,619 globally. The contest ran in Canada, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, and winners will be announced separately in each country.

Summit Entertainment, the production company for "New Moon," helped Volvo with the online promotion. Volvo's team designed the promotion with five questions about the "Twilight" saga and one question specifically about the car.

"What we know from the fans is that we must stay true to the story," said Gangeri. "Volvo became part of Edward and an extension of his character."

Gangeri said Stephanie Myer, the author of the Twilight series, wrote Volvo into the books because her brother decided that Edward should drive a Volvo. "His character is nurturing and caring so [Stephanie's brother] deemed Volvo was the right car."

A Volvo C30 was featured in the first "Twilight" movie. The Volvo X60R, written in the story itself, is no longer produced so the production team used the Volvo XC60 in "New Moon."

What Drives Edward?

"The most powerful part of this promotion was the social media," said Gangeri. "The fan base loves to be engaged."

Volvo's advertising campaign started with an online sweepstakes on Oct. 19 that allowed consumers to log in and register for two tickets to the premiere of the movie "New Moon."

By the end of the contest, about 90,000 players were still active, about one third of the total registrants.

"What this has done, which makes so much sense for a company like Volvo to become a sponsor of a blockbuster phenomenon, has enabled us to expose our brand to a much wider audience of people that we would never get at with a normal target audience," Gangeri said.