Why Walmart May Restore Its Greeters to the Frontlines

Here's how the the Walmart greeter has transformed since the 1980s.

"Some stores will literally move greeters to the door," Walmart spokesman Brian Nick told ABC News.

Over time, Nick pointed out, some U.S. Walmart stores have phased out greeters, and some have done so during certain overnight hours in locations that are open 24 hours.

As part of the pilot program, the company is testing "asset protection customer specialists" who will wear yellow instead of the standard blue uniform at some stores. These staff members would help process returns at the door, perhaps scanning an item and putting a sticker on it to expedite the return process.

According to a statement provided by Nick, Walmart says, “We are making a number of improvements throughout our business by identifying and implementing initiatives that will improve our customers’ experience in our stores and support our efforts to reduce costs so we can pass those savings to our customers. We have identified a select number of stores where we are adding personnel at the door who will greet and assist customers and perform other duties as necessary.”