4 Ways to Get Away With Taking a Nap on the Job

PHOTO: Career consultant and author Cynthia Shapiro named five ways to disguise your drowsy state.PlayFotosearch/Getty Images
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Let’s be honest. Even though staying awake on the job seems like a simple rule to follow in business, it can be a challenge for today’s overworked and under-slept.

“We’re extremely sleepy. I mean, there was a [human resources] study that recently called it an epidemic,” former human resources executive Cynthia Shapiro told ABC News’ “20/20.”

Shapiro, who is now a career consultant and author, said that no matter how tired you are, do not sleep at the office.

“It’s one of the worst things for a person’s career. Even if you’re a really good worker, being caught asleep on the job will erode your job security like nothing else,” said Shapiro.

However, if that third cup of coffee or energy drink just isn't working for you, Shapiro said to get out of the office and doze elsewhere.

“Tell your boss you forgot about a dentist appointment, or you have to go pick something up, run an errand. Go sleep in your car, not in the employee parking lot,” she suggested.

But for those who just can’t get away, Shapiro named four ways that just might help you get a nap in. While they aren't exactly fool-proof methods to disguise your drowsy state, maybe your bosses will be so impressed by your technique that they’ll just let you get away with it.

1.)The Ponder

ABC News
ABC News' Chris Connelly demonstrates "The Ponder" technique for napping while on the job.

“You want to have some important papers in front of you,” Shapiro said. “You basically put your head on your hand and make sure it’s pretty secure, and then you can close your eyes.”

2.)The Reach

ABC News
PHOTO: "The Reach" technique, ABC News' Chris Connelly looks like he's reaching for something instead of sleeping on the job.

“You’re going to take an item like a pen … your contact lens case, or a file, and drop it on the floor,” Shapiro said. “And then what that allows you to do is lean over on your desk with one hand reaching toward it, or lean on the arm of the chair.”

3.)The Computer Problem

ABC News
ABC News' Chris Connelly shows how to look like you are fixing your computer while sleeping at work with "The Computer Problem" technique.

“What you do is, you turn off your computer, and you unplug everything from the back of the hard drive,” Shapiro said. Shapiro said to then go underneath your desk as if you are fixing your computer. “And then you can go ahead and sleep,” Shapiro said.

4.) The Pinch

ABC News
PHOTO: Using a technique called "The Pinch," ABC News' Chris Connelly disguises his drowsy state at work.

Shapiro says you can lay on a couch, pinch right between your eyes, and pretend to be deep in thought. “You can also do the pinch in a meeting... but you can really only do that in a serious meeting when they’re talking about really serious stuff. Because it’s kind of a dire pose.”