7 Ways to Help Your Wallet Survive a Trip to Vegas

PHOTO: Outside the casinos of Vegas, The Lookout finds out how you could still be gambling with your cash.
ABC News

They say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and one thing that is almost certain to stay is your money.

But casinos are not the only place to gamble with your cash in Sin City. The Lookout team visited the famous strip to find out the ways you could lose your shirt without ever hitting the tables.

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Careful Gambling at the Airport

The slot machines at McCarran International Airport have the worst odds in Las Vegas, according to some experts. ABC News correspondent Rebecca Jarvis lost $25 before even picking up her luggage.

Be Mindful of Taxi Airport and Credit Card Fees

Taxis can charge an additional $2 if you are getting picked up from the airport, and another $3 if you decide to pay with a credit card.

Watch Out for Hotel Fees

Seventy-three percent of Las Vegas hotels charge a mandatory resort fee to access hotel amenities, regardless of whether you use them.

Bring Cash

The closest major bank branch is a mile from the strip. Bring cash in order to help avoid exorbitant ATM fees.

Watch Your Pockets

People generally know to be careful of pickpockets inside casinos, but Apollo Robbins, a self- described deception specialist and security consultant, says it is important to keep your hands in your pockets while walking in crowded spaces along the strip. Some commonly sought-after items include wallets, include watches and iPhones.

Be Wary of Too-Good-to-Be True VIP Deals

Along the Vegas strip many VIP deals will be readily offered, but you might want to manage your expectations. The Lookout team had to wait in several lines and pay for expensive drinks at one of Vegas' hottest clubs despite a supposed VIP deal guaranteeing no lines and free cocktails for the ladies.

Watch Out for Timeshare Deals

Be wary of seemingly swoon-worthy timeshare deals that expire at the end of your visit and can potentially cost you tens of thousands in fees.

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