Wine Snobs Suspected of Swiping $1,000 Bottles

Police are on the hunt for couple who may have stolen $14,000 in wine.

ByABC News
June 23, 2014, 3:08 PM
A Wegmans grocery store in Fairfax, Va. is seen, May 27, 2010.
A Wegmans grocery store in Fairfax, Va. is seen, May 27, 2010.
Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo

June 23, 2014 — -- A man and a woman caught on surveillance video are suspected of having expensive tastes in wine and swiping $14,000 worth of fine wines from a supermarket in Massachusetts.

Some of the bottles stolen from a Wegman's supermarket in the wealthy Boston suburb of Chestnut Hill were priced at more than $1,000 each, police said.

The thefts are believe to have occurred over at least three days. It's not clear how many bottles were taken, but the total cost of the theft is estimated around $14,000, police said.

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Two of the stolen bottles taken on June 12 and June 13 were 2006 Mouton Rothschild, called "one of the world's greatest wines" by, according to ABC affiliate WCVB. Newton police said the bottles were priced at $1,399.99.

Police were called to Wegman's again on June 18 when two more bottles of wine -- a $309 bottle and a $160 bottle – were reported stolen, Lt. Bruce Apotheker told ABC News. The police said the same individuals are suspected of that theft.

Jo Natale, a spokeswoman for Wegman's told ABC News the company sells fine wine in the $1,000 range in all its wine and spirits shops.

"We do sell wines in that range, though the bulk of our business is in lower-priced wines," she said.

Only 15 of its 84 grocery stores sell wine, Natale said, due to local and state laws.

Natale said the chain has sold pricier fine wines since it first opened its wine-selling grocery stores about 10 years ago.

Wegman's is based in Rochester, N.Y., and has markets in six states.