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Election 2020 Results

Last Updated: December 18, 4:15:13PM ET

Biden Projected to be President-Elect

99% of Expected Vote ReportingExit Polls
Joe Biden
Joe Biden
270 to win
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
81,283,098 votes
74,222,958 votes
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Counties are colored red or blue when the % expected vote reporting reaches a set threshold. This threshold varies by state and is based on patterns of past vote reporting and expectations about how the vote will report this year.

Presidential results by pre-election forecasted chances

Of 35 open seats...
  • 9are solid Democrat

    StateDem.Rep.% in.
    Del.polls close 8PM ET
    Ill.polls close 8PM ET
    Mass.polls close 8PM ET
    Minn.polls close 9PM ET
    N.H.polls close 8PM ET
    N.J.polls close 8PM ET
    Ore.polls close 11PM ET
    R.I.polls close 8PM ET
    Va.polls close 7PM ET
  • 6are likely or leaning Democrat

    StateDem.Rep.% in.
    Ariz.polls close 9PM ET
    Colo.polls close 9PM ET
    Ga.2polls close 7PM ET
    Mich.polls close 9PM ET
    N.C.polls close 7:30PM ET
    N.M.polls close 9PM ET
  • 3are a tossup

    StateDem.Rep.% in.
    Ga.1polls close 7PM ET
    Iowapolls close 10PM ET
    Mainepolls close 8PM ET
  • 7are likely or leaning Republican

    StateDem.Rep.% in.
    Ala.polls close 8PM ET
    Alaskapolls close 1AM ET
    Kan.polls close 9PM ET
    Miss.polls close 8PM ET
    Mont.polls close 10PM ET
    S.C.polls close 7PM ET
    Texaspolls close 9PM ET
  • 10are solid Republican

    StateDem.Rep.% in.
    Ark.polls close 8:30PM ET
    Idahopolls close 11PM ET
    Ky.polls close 7PM ET
    La.polls close 9PM ET
    Neb.polls close 9PM ET
    Okla.polls close 8PM ET
    S.D.polls close 9PM ET
    Tenn.polls close 8PM ET
    W.Va.polls close 7:30PM ET
    Wyo.polls close 9PM ET

*Maine and Nebraska allow electoral votes to be split. In Maine, two of the four electoral votes are awarded to the winner of the statewide popular vote and one electoral vote is awarded to the winner in each of the state's two congressional districts. In Nebraska, two of the five electoral votes go to the winner of the winner of the statewide popular vote and one electoral vote is awarded to the winner in each of the state's three congressional districts.