Will 9/9/09 Be Your Lucky Day?

Good news for Beatles fans, a bad day for cats?

ByABC News
September 8, 2009, 4:21 PM

Sept. 9, 2009 -- On July 7, 2007, gamblers crowded casinos and betting parlors, hoping lucky 7s would influence the gambling Gods. On 08/08/08, couples from all over the world flocked to the altar to have their vows sealed on a day whose date signified luck and strength.

It's no coincidence that theBeijing Olympics began Aug. 8, 2008, at 8:08:08 p.m.

So what does 9/9/09 have in store for us?

Numerologists see the number 9 as the number of life. It can be seen as both a signifier of endings and beginnings. But more important, it's the number of humanity, of coming together and helping one's fellow man.

About to give birth? Numerologist and radio host Jerome Carter says Sept. 9, 2009, is an incredible day to be born on.

"That child will be born with a special gift. He or she will have a direct link to the mysteries of God and life," Carter told ABCNews.com. "He or she has potential to be a world leader."

So, should you race to the altar to be married on 09/09/09? Not so fast, says Carter.

"Don't do it," he cautions. "Never get married under the number nine."

He says that 82 percent of his divorced clients who come to him for numerological advice were married on a date that included the number nine.

Not everyone agrees -- or knows -- about that correlation. More than 4,000 couples in Tianjin, China, have set Sept. 9 as their wedding date, Pan Shuhui, the president of the Tianjin Wedding Association, told the Epoch Times.

If you're scanning the want ads, be aware that numerologists say nine is considered a "powerful" number, but not necessarily a "lucky" one.

"If you're prepared for the job interview and you know about it in advance, it will work out," Carter said. "If someone offers you an interview out of the blue, to come in that day, it won't work out."

Apple's Revolution Number 9?

Is Steve Jobs a numerology nut? A highly anticipated Apple event titled "It's Only Rock and Roll But We Like It" is scheduled for Wednesday in San Francisco, where the company will make a mysterious announcement.

Will they donate 999 iPhones to charity? Will they keep the price of their songs at 99 cents? Introduce the 9 terabyte iPod? Have Nine Inch Nails perform?

Speaking of rock and roll, the remaining members of the Beatles will release digitally remastered versions of all their studio albums on 09-09-09, along with new liners notes, DVDs, and rare photos.

And is it a coincidence that they titled one of their most eccentric and futuristic tracks from the 1968's White Albumis "Revolution 9"?

Perhaps the day was chosen as the ultimate day to think back on a legendary band's musical past and choices they made that changed the face of music. After all, John Lennon left the Beatles on Sept. 9, 1969.

If you want to take Beatlemania to the extreme, head to the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool, England. If you arrive before 09/09/09, they'll give you 99 pounds to spend as you please. That's a lot of nines.