2015 Golden Globes Picks and Predictions

Here's what to expect Sunday night.

January 11, 2015, 6:38 AM

— -- intro: It was a vast and varied year in entertainment, and Sunday's Golden Globe Awards will likely reflect that.

"For movies, there was no runaway favorite," Jordan Zakarin, a writer for Yahoo! Movies, told ABC News. "I think a lot of different movies will be represented."

That's great for the viewing public, who will hopefully see their favorite win a prize Sunday, but not necessarily for the start of awards season, where there seems to be no consensus yet for a frontrunner.

While the Hollywood Foreign Press, which awards the Globes, is a small voting body and don't usually predict what will happen, say, with the Academy Awards, they can help give a movie a sense of momentum, Zakarin said.

On the TV side, many newcomers among the nominees should keep people guessing.

"There's a lot of interesting new people and new nominees that make it interesting," Yahoo! TV critic-at-large Ken Tucker told ABC News.

Click through to see who Tucker and Zakarin predict will take home the big prizes Sunday.

quicklist:title: Best Motion Picture, Drama text: The Hollywood Foreign Press has the chance to make history by awarding "Selma" best picture, making it the first film directed by a black woman to ever win a Golden Globe. Director Ava DuVernay's nomination in the directing category is also historic. But, Zakarin thinks the consensus will go to "Boyhood," which is historic in its own way: the film took 12 years to make. "It's hard to hate that movie. It's an incredible movie, a unique movie. It has the best chance to take the cake," he said.

Don't count out the British films, "The Imitation Game" and "The Theory of Everything," either.media: 28041959

quicklist:title: Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Dramatext: Zakarin calls this category a pretty tight race. Although Jake Gyllenhaal gets his vote for "Nightcrawler," he believes one of the Brits, either Benedict Cumberbatch or Eddie Redmayne will take home the prize. "Eddie will deserve any award he gets for that physical transformation," Zakarin said. "He's definitely the leader."media: 28040734

quicklist:title: Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Dramatext: This category tips toward Julianne Moore, who plays a linguistic professor with early-onset Alzheimer's in "Still Alice." "Even though not a lot of people have seen the movie, it's Julianne Moore's year," Zakarin said. "She’s 0 for 4 at the Oscars. This is the year she takes all the honors." Don't count out Reese Witherspoon for "Wild," though.media: 28040850

quicklist:title: Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedytext: Zakarin believes there is one clear winner here, "Birdman." "It's the leading Oscar contender. It stands apart from everything else. I think it will get a well-deserved best comedy win," he said.media: 28040618

quicklist:title: Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedytext: "Birdman" star Michael Keaton should also take home the prize for best actor. "He can more or less start writing his acceptance speech," Zakarin said.

quicklist:title: Best Actress In A Motion Picture, Musical or Comedytext: Julianne Moore is also nominated for best actress on the comedy side, a rare feat, Zakarin said. But he predicts that the winner in this category will be between Amy Adams, an awards season staple, for "Big Eyes," and Emily Blunt for her singing in "Into the Woods."media: 28041114

quicklist:title: Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picturetext: The supporting categories don't seem to be much of a toss-up. Zakarin puts his money on J.K. Simmons as the "teacher from hell" in "Whiplash," a film not many people saw but the critics loved. "He is really great. He's got it pretty sewn up," he said.media: 28041611

quicklist:title: Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picturetext: On the actress side, Patricia Arquette in "Boyhood," appears to be the clear favorite. "She is the anchor of that movie," Zakarin said. "The last scene she's in is absolutely heartbreaking. She also aged in real time and handled it incredibly."

quicklist:title: Best Director - Motion Picturetext: "Boyhood" could also earn a prize for its director, Richard Linklater, who is also nominated for best screenplay. "He will definitely get the win here," Zakarin predicted. "To direct a film over 12 years and keep it together, that's a feat that hasn’t been done.

quicklist:title: Best TV Series, Dramatext: No longer the new kid on the block, "House of Cards" turned in a strong second season and Ken Tucker thinks it has a strong chance of capturing best dramatic TV series for a second year in a row. The show's biggest competition, he said, is "Game of Thrones."

quicklist:title: Best Actor in a TV Series, Dramatext: Kevin Spacey, the star of "House of Cards," also has a good chance of his repeating his win, Tucker said.

quicklist:title: Best Actress in a TV Series, Dramatext: Though Spacey's co-star Robin Wright could also repeat her win, Tucker thinks it's more likely that newcomer Ruth Wilson will take home the Globe for her riveting role in Showtime's new drama "The Affair."

quicklist:title: Best TV Series, Musical or Comedytext: Tucker predicts another newcomer, Amazon's "Transparent," will take home the top prize for best comedy series. "It's got that novelty factor," he said. "It's a new show that deals with new subject matter."media: 28041660

quicklist:title: Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedytext: The show's star, Jeffrey Tambor, who plays the late-in-life transgendered Maura (fka Mort), should win as well. "Because of his long background in TV, there's a lot of affection for Tambor," Tucker said. "And it's a real challenging role he took on and performed really well."

quicklist:title: Best Actress in a TV Series, Musical or Comedytext: Another HFP favorite, Julia Louis-Dreyfus could repeat her win for "Veep." But Tucker thinks newcomer Gina Rodriguez in CW's surprise hit "Jane the Virgin," has a great shot. "She's got a lot of momentum," he said. "People would like to acknowledge the performance."media: 28041447

quicklist:title: Best TV Movie or Mini-Seriestext: This category could be a replay of the Emmys, where "Fargo" won, while "True Detective" competed for best drama series and lost. At the Globes, they are going head to head, and Tucker predicts that "Fargo" will get the win. "'Fargo' has a lot of momentum," he said. "I wouldn’t be surprised if 'Fargo' actually wins."

quicklist:title: Best Actor in a Mini-Series or TV Movietext: It's more likely in the best actor category that "True Detective" star Matthew McConaughey, who went home empty-handed at the Emmys last year, will prevail over "Fargo" star Billy Bob Thornton, Tucker said.

quicklist:title: Best Actress in a Mini-Series or TV Movietext: Tucker said there's only one clear winner: Frances McDormand for "Olive Kitteridge." "If she doesn’t win, it would be great crime," Tucker said. "She was great. That performance is the one to beat."media: 28041389

quicklist:title: Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Mini-Series or TV Movietext: In a tight race, where Colin Hanks ("Fargo") and Jon Voight ("Ray Donovan") are credible contenders, Tucker thinks Matt Bomer will get the Globe for his dramatic role in "The Normal Heart." "He got a lot of attention," Tucker said. "People were surprised by his performance, given his light comedies before."

quicklist:title: Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or TV Movietext: More certain, is the best supporting actress category. Tucker predicts Uzo Aduba, who plays Crazy Eyes in "Orange is the New Black" will get the win, adding a Globe to the Emmy she won last year. media: 28040484

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