Beauty Tips From the Pros: Au Naturel

Don't like the feeling of makeup on your face? Want to be naturally beautiful without caking on the makeup?

Or perhaps your special man in your life likes a natural look -- and your'e starting to agree -- he hates makeup? Well, don't despair. It's really easy to flaunt your natural beauty -- without a naked face-- by using a little makeup . . . and he'll never know!

The key is to focus on your eyes.

Take a look back at our brow grooming segment and get your brows in their most flattering shape. You need to maintain them. Fill in the gaps only where needed and brush your brows well into place. A baby toothbrush is my favorite tool to do so.


For the natural look, rely heavily on that eyelash curler and learn to use it correctly. Make sure the pad is new and in perfect shape. Curl, curl, curl, girl! Your lashes must be absolutely DRY, and free of any residual makeup remover or eyecream before you ever attempt to curl. Take your time, and get this step done correctly.

There are really great, lightweight waterproof mascaras that will gently tint your lashes with no buildup or clumps and no running. Wipe the wand free of excess mascara before sweeping the wand over your own lashes.

For flawless skin, conceal anything you want to -- dark circles, age spots -- but remember to match your concealer exactly with your own bare skin tone! Afterwards, set with an invisible loose powder and you're good to go.


Now, over clean (though moisturized with SPF) skin, apply Crème or mousse blusher with your fingerttips That is the most natural way to glow. It really melts right into your skin and looks very believable.

There are so many fantastic lip plumping products on the market now and they all have their own merit. Use them solo or under other glosses. Many may tingle a bit, but bear with it. Wait for those lovely, lush lips.

Smooth lip balm over your lips (a good old Chap Stick). A slight tint of lip liner colored over the top defines and tints without a trace. Gloss on top if you wish. Select a very natural gloss shade.


Cream and mousse bronzers are fantastic for both cheeks -- and as an eyemakeup as well. Again, blend with your fingertips.

To ease the look of skin texture especially in the eye area, try a smoother over the finished look. Pat the smoother on top with your fingers -- imparting an almost ceramic finish to the skin and diffusing any skin irregularities.

There are many products that "develop" on the face as they adapt to your skin's own pH or chemistry. For example, gel blushers that start out clear and also lip glosses, that will seek out your optimal shade to reach once they do their magic.


* Apply your makeup in daylight, preferably near a window, so you can really see how accurate you are.


* If you use waterproof mascara, be sure to get a waterproof eyemakeup remover, as soap and water just won't get it off.

* Now for that great fragrance!