Celeb Heat Index: Here's the Hottest of the Hot From April

Celebrity heat index includes Michelle Obama, Susan Boyle and Lindsay Lohan.Reuters/Getty Images
Celebrity heat index includes Michelle Obama, Susan Boyle and Lindsay Lohan.

April showers were no match for the heat generated this month by our favorite stars. From Lindsay Lohan's breakup to Susan Boyle's breakout, media outlets focused on heartbreak and inspiration. USA TODAY check outs Celebrity Heat Index highlights from April.

• Hottest celebrity by association: Michelle Obama. Again, it's not about her husband's first 100 days. It's all about her fashion, and Bo. Runner-up: Robyn Gibson. She files for divorce from Mel, and everyone gets another chance to see what this low-profile Hollywood wife looks like.

• Readers want to know more about: Susan Boyle. A video of her version of "I Dreamed a Dream" from "Les Miserables" on "Britain's Got Talent" on YouTube has more than 48.8 million views. The overnight sensation has 88% of readers wanting more coverage of her.

• Hottest actress: Lindsay Lohan. Her starring role this month? An online video spoof of a dating commercial. Runner-up: Angelina Jolie. She might be shooting "Salt" in New York, but her family life still trumps career when it comes to tabloids.

• Hottest actor: Brad Pitt. This Hollywood dad goes shopping with family on Long Island, and photographs circulate online. Runner-up: Robert Pattinson."Twilight" fever continues when it comes to this on-screen vampire.

• Hottest reality star: Heidi Montag. Her Take 2 wedding to co-star Spencer Pratt from MTV's "The Hills" was a sure-fire tabloid hit. Runner-up: Spencer Pratt. Wherever Montag goes, he follows.

• Hottest musician: Britney Spears. As "Circus" tour continues, her possible relationships continue to be the main attraction. Runner-up: John Mayer. His weeks-ago split from Jennifer Aniston puts focus on whom he might be dating.


1. Lindsay Lohan: 559.The right blend of Heat Index ingredients: a breakup with DJ Samantha Ronson, a dating commercial spoof on FunnyorDie .com, a very gaunt look and bikini photos at the beach.

2. Brad Pitt: 494.The Heat Index regular holds his ground as tabloids continue to suggest that his relationship with partner Angelina Jolie is strained.

3. Robert Pattinson: 457. This "Twilight" hottie's star is on the rise as photos from the Vancouver set of the movie sequel raise speculation about possible romance with various co-stars.

4. Angelina Jolie: 429. See No. 2.

5. (tie) Nadya Suleman: 278.Tabloids just can't get enough of Octo-mom or her babies. Of course, it helps when the subject courts attention by offering exclusive photos and more.

Tori Spelling: 278. A gal's got to hit the red carpets and talk-show circuit when she has a memoir (Mommywood) being released, right?

7. Heidi Montag: 273. A "real ceremony" making her marriage to Spencer Pratt official in a Los Angeles wedding on Saturday puts them in the spotlight.

8. Spencer Pratt: 257 See No. 7.

9. Mel Gibson: 216. After his wife, Robyn, files for divorce after 28 years of marriage, his place on the Index is secured. His appearance with gal pal Oksana Grigorieva helped, too.

10. Jennifer Aniston: 199. She breathes and, therefore, she makes the Index.