A Look at the Jury in the Michael Jackson Trial

— -- The jury seated in the child molestation trial of Michael Jackson consists of eight women and four men, whose ages range from 20 to 79. The racial and ethnic breakdown is seven whites, four Hispanics and one Asian. The eight alternates chosen consist of four men and four women. Information on their racial and ethnic makeup is not complete, but there is one African-American male.

Here are glimpses of the jurors who will hear testimony and may decide the guilt or innocence of "The King of Pop."

Juror No. 107: A 42-year-old white, married mother of four. She disclosed that her niece was molested by her brother-in-law, who's in prison for a similar crime on another child. She's a fan of Jackson's music and believes children can be influenced by their parents to lie.

Juror No. 157: A 22-year-old white, single mother of two girls. She said her aunt invited her to visit Jackson's Neverland ranch once, but she declined. She has listened to Jackson's music but said she doesn't know much about his career.

Juror No. 100: A white, retired 79-year-old widow. Her grandson is on probation and registered as a sex offender. She said she is acquainted with a store clerk who used to work at Neverland.

Juror No. 26: A 51-year-old white female. She has been married for 21 years and has two teenage children. She believes media coverage of the Jackson case has been excessive.

Juror No. 108: A 50-year-old white female who has been married for 28 years. She said she has heard little news about Jackson's current molestation case but heard about his 1993 sex scandal and watched the British documentary "Living With Michael Jackson."

Juror No. 80: A 63-year-old Hispanic male who said he hasn't read anything about the Jackson case. He has two grown children and believes children can lie to suit their needs or, depending on their upbringing, be influenced by their parents to lie.

Juror No. 66: A 66-year-old white male who has never previously served on a jury but was a defendant in a civil lawsuit. He has four adult children and said he has watched some news on the Jackson case and discussed it with others.

Juror No. 77: A 44-year-old Hispanic female whose ex-husband is a detective for the Santa Maria, Calif., police department. She said she has a close friend or relative who was arrested or accused of a criminal offense and has known a cancer patient.

Juror No. 101: A white 21-year-old wheelchair-bound single male. He said he has read little about the current Jackson case but knows about the 1993 investigation. The lead detective in the current case taught his sixth-grade DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) class.

Juror No. 153: A 20-year-old Hispanic male who says he has not followed the current Jackson case at all but has discussed it at times with friends and relatives. He also said he has no knowledge of the 1993 molestation allegation against Jackson.

Juror No. 88: A 45-year-old married mother of three. She said she has followed the current Jackson case and knows nothing about the 1993 scandal. She considers Jackson a "wonderful entertainer."

Juror No. 151: A 39-year-old Asian female who is married to a reporter. She has followed the current Jackson case and has some knowledge of the 1993 molestation scandal.

The Alternates

Juror No. 164: A 19-year-old single African-American male who lives with his grandmother. He says he knows very little about the Jackson case.

Juror No. 207: A 36-year-old male who has three teenage daughters and whose mother-in-law used to work at Neverland. His children enjoyed two visits to Neverland. He said he knows little about the current Jackson case but knows about the 1993 scandal.

Juror No. 123: A 73-year-old retired male who has been married for 43 years and has seven children. He said he knows someone who met Jackson, but knows little about the current molestation case.

Juror No. 17: A 26-year-old married female who said she knows about the 1993 case but has not read about the current scandal. She also said she knows someone who has met Jackson or spent time at Neverland and is on the potential witness list.

Juror No. 60: A married 44-year-old mother of three children or stepchildren. She said she knows little about the Jackson case and has a friend battling breast cancer.

Juror No. 119: A 52-year-old married mother who said she knows a lot about the current Jackson case and is familiar with the 1993 case. She has a close friend who worked for Jackson 10 years ago.

Juror No. 120: A 64-year-old married father of four children. He has a relative battling cancer and said he knows little about the current and 1993 cases.

Juror No. 148: An 81-year-old widow who said she knows little about the current case. She has relatives who have been diagnosed with cancer and is the mother of four children.