A Michael Jackson Butter Sculpture and Six Other Weird Tributes

The Iowa State Fair plans to render the "King of Pop" in butter this August.

July 3, 2009 — -- The Iowa State Fair plans on making a Michael Jackson tribute statue this summer ... out of butter. It will be in a cooler display from August 13th to the 23rd along with something called the "annual butter cow?" What, pray tell, happens on the 24th -- butter pie for everyone? Mmm...butter pie.

Since Michael's death on Thursday, tribute mix tapes and tee-shirts have exploded onto the internet. How predictable. But some people are getting a little more creative. Here are our favorite Michael Jackson tributes.

Rapper The Game went all out making a Michael Jackson tribute music video starring other heavyweights like Diddy, (cough) Chris Brown, and Boyz II Men's Wanya Morris. But the clincher was the scene where The Game is drinking in a bathtub fully clothed and then him getting an MJ tattoo on his right arm...and showing it off in the bathtub. Maybe the bathtub is some really funny sexy inside joke we're not in on?

Graphic novel nerds get psyched cause Bluewater Comics is working on an MJ tribute comic, appropriately titled, "Tribute: Michael Jackson, King of Pop." The company's president Darren Davis says of the comic, "Although the book won't shy away from some of his personal troubles, we try to tell a balanced story that shows Jackson as a musical genius, an unparalleled superstar and as a complex person." Bummer the comic won't drop until October, 'cause by then there will already be 30 unauthorized biographies on bookshelves.

City Winery in Manhattan put together a Michael Jackson Tribute Pairing, matching MJ's songs to wines, for their guests. The wines went from light (Jackson 5 era) to more full-bodied wines (to complement Jackson's more complex music). That's a lot of glasses of wine. Holy hangover! I guess we are in mourning?

Lindsay Lohan Twittered her tribute: a picture of her doing MJ moves in a bikini on her birthday. People called her a narcissist, but I mean seriously, how rude was it of Michael to die only days before Lindsay's birthday!

Gaming company Electronic Arts created free downloadable tribute costumes for characters in their Battlefield Heroes game -- the outfits from Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video. The style is "Miami Vice"-esque and punk rocker a la "Bad," to be precise. Because in the future, soldiers will probably (hopefully) wear studded belts and fingerless gloves.

You know the dancing Philippine inmates were bummed when the man who wrote their most famous dance for "Thriller" died. So they dedicated their (apparently endless) time to making a tribute video for Michael, this time carrying a banner and and doing the "Thriller" dance in slow motion to some of Jackson's slower jams like "I'll Be There." Seriously, who's making these guys dance for YouTube hits?