Stars Speak Out About Paul Newman

Liz Taylor, Robert Redford, George Clooney among those showering praise.

September 28, 2008, 4:23 PM

Sept. 28, 2008 — -- They don't make 'em like Paul Newman anymore.

That's why Hollywood's not hesitating to shower praise on the Oscar-winning actor/pioneering philanthropist/American arts legend, who died late Friday at the age of 83. Below, a round-up of what Newman's contemporaries and admirers are saying:

Elizabeth Taylor

Martin Scorsese

"His powerful eloquence, his consummate sense of craft, so consummate that you didn't see any sense of effort up there on the screen, set a new standard. My own experience working with him on 'The Color of Money' was a joy, and my memories of our time together are precious. But in addition to being a great actor, one of the greatest really, he was also such a fine, caring man. I will miss him greatly." -- statement to reporters, 9/27/08.

George Clooney

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