Michael Jackson Gets Masks; Gavin, Gwen Costume Kids

Find out what the stars have in store for Halloween.

Oct. 31, 2008 — -- It's the one day of the year when they can be anything but their famous selves. Lindsay Lohan can channel Sarah Palin. Paris Hilton can play cop. Britney Spears can be ... a hot pink cat.

But for some, of course, no amount of face paint or dressing-up can hide that they're bona fide celebrities. That's not going to stop Hollywood from celebrating Halloween. Below, check out how some stars plan to spend the holiday, and how they partied in years past:

Michael Jackson

The king of pop keeps a low profile these days, but he's not going to let his young ones miss out on one of the most popular kids' holidays of the year. Michael Jackson stepped out of his Los Angeles hotel Wednesday to take Prince Michael, 10, Paris, 9, and Prince Michael II, 5, costume shopping. The kids came back with masks. M.J., apparently, didn't need one.

Gavin Rossdale

Talking to ABC News Radio, Gavin Rossdale revealed what his two sons with wife Gwen Stefani are dressing as this Halloween (or, at least, what he thinks they're dressing as):

"Kingston, I think might be a rhino and I'm not sure, little Zuma, I think, is coming as a sandwich or something."

Sara Bareilles

Singer-songwriter of the moment Sara Bareilles told ABC News Radio she had the perfect Halloween costume planned out last year, but got sick and wasn't able to wear it:

"We were in Atlanta, Ga., and I went to this cool costume shop and I bought Tippi Hedron's costume from Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds.' ... So it's her green suit and it has blood all over it and it's got big black birds attached everywhere and it's got a head band and a wristband ... but I didn't get to wear it, so maybe this year."

Lifehouse Frontman Jason Wade

Lifehouse frontman Jason Wade told ABC News Radio about one Halloween where the band's costumes were inspired by one particular scene in the movie "The Karate Kid," in which the members of the evil "Cobra Kai" dojo attack Ralph Macchio's character at a Halloween party, in costume:

"Last year, we played 'Freakfest' in Milwaukee, which, it was so weird, it was like 30,000 people all dressed up, it was like a complete circus. We dressed up as the 'Cobra Kai' in the skeleton costumes, all four of us, which is pretty funny. It's basically, a skeleton costume where you're, basically, your whole body's just bones, you paint your face black, you look like a skeleton."

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift told ABC News Radio she's planning to dress up as someone famous this year for Halloween but hasn't picked a particular personality. She also looks back on celebrating Halloween last year with her best friend:

"It would be somebody current. It would have to be, like a Hollywood celebrity ... but, in the past I've been Chewbacca. Last year Abigail and I were Chewbacca, and we trick or treated, and nobody knew it was us. It was awesome."

Metro Station

"Shake It" singers Metro Station will be performing in Baltimore on Halloween night, and guitarist Trace Cyrus told ABC News Radio that this year, they really have to get their act together -- costume-wise:

"We're talking about being vampires, 'cause last Halloween we played with Motion City Soundtrack ... and we were like, 'I don't think anyone's gonna dress up,' y'know, and every band dressed up, like they all had like matching costumes and everything, and then like we were the only band that didn't dress up. So this year we have to do it.

ABC News Radio's Andrea Dresdale and Hunter Kelly contributed to this story