Christian Bale's Blowup Proves Actor's Anger Problem

Actor's expletive-laced rant goes viral on Web, signals major issues, some say.

ByABC News
February 3, 2009, 5:56 PM

Feb. 4, 2009 — -- It's no act: Christian Bale is one angry man.

A recording of the "Dark Knight" star's four-minute F-word-laced tirade on the set of his upcoming film "Terminator Salvation" surfaced on the Internet Tuesday.

For many the tape was proof that the oft-described intense actor, who was arrested in July for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister, has an anger problem.

"There was a lot of mystery around that moment," US Weekly senior editor Bradley Jacobs said about the arrest. "Now we have a little more of a window of understanding into Christian Bale."

Bale's rant took place a few days after his arrest in London, where he was questioned and released by police after his mother, Jenny, and sister, Sharon, lodged a complaint against him. No charges were filed and it's unclear what actually happened, though there were reports of a heated argument that may have ended with Bale shoving one of the women.

"This is the second incident within a year in which he's blowing up at people," Jacobs told "The difference this time was we actually got to hear it ourselves. It went on and on and on. This was not just a moment of raising your voice. This was a four-minute tirade. He was scary and intimidating."

Bale's rep did not respond to questions from about the incident.

The actor was shooting a scene with actress Bryce Dallas Howard when Shane Hurlbut, the film's director of photography, accidentally walked on set, touching off the maelstrom.

Bale went ballistic, threatening to kick Hurlbut's "a--" and even get him fired. "I want you off the f---ing set, you p----," he shouted at Hurlbut.

When Hurlbut apologized, Bale brushed it off with, "No don't just be sorry. Think for one f---ing second. …Am I going to walk around and rip your f---ing lights down in the middle of the scene? ...Do you have any f---ing idea about it's f---ing distracting? Give me a f---ing answer."

When Hurlbut did try to answer him, it only enraged Bale more.