Florence Welch: 9 Things You Didn't Know

Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine talks to "GMA's" Backstage Pass.

June 24, 2011— -- On a misty morning in Central Park, ethereal Florence and the Machine brought sunny music to fans who woke up early to enjoy "Good Morning America's" Summer Concert Series. After her performance, chanteuse Florence Welch talked with Josh Elliott for "GMA's" Backstage Pass, giving insider information about her favorite karaoke song, which machine she would chose to be and what inspired her to become a singer.

Here are nine things you might not know about the voice of Florence and the Machine:

1. With a sound that combines indie rock and soul, Florence and the Machine was nominated for the 2010 Grammy for "Best New Artist" and has only recently enjoyed mainstream recognition, especially with its hit single, "The Dog Days Are Over." When asked how she feels about the single's success, Florence explained, "It was recorded in a tiny studio and we didn't have any equipment, so we were using walls, cups, pens and whatever we could get our hands on [for percussion] at the time. ... We were doing something for fun and really didn't realize it would become such a hit."

2. The song was included on an episode of "Glee" this season. When asked how she felt watching its rendition, Florence said, beaming, "I love 'Glee' so much, I'm such a huge fan. ... I watched it at home and was sort of dancing around, I thought they captured it so well."

3. Florence doesn't just dance at home watching TV. Instead, while performing she glides, almost as if the music were lifting her up to float on stage. When asked about her preperformance, backstage ritual, Florence told Josh she put on music and danced around a bit, joking, "Dancing strangely is part of the creative process."

4. And her favorite candy? "Before we were onstage, [I ate] those Swedish fish, we don't have those in England."

5. Wearing a chic, diaphanous, maroon frock, Florence admitted her guilty Internet pleasure was shopping for more clothing, "I'm always on fashion websites, looking at clothes I shouldn't be buying."

6. Practically, when asked which machine she would like to be, Florence chose the wind machine explaining, "On stage, there are so many floaty outfits, so our wind machines are quite useful."

7. Revealing her name lends itself to many nicknames, Florence told Josh, "My dad calls me Flossy, my friends and family call me Flo, or Floaty."

8. And what is Flo's favorite song to belt out during karaoke? Without hesitation, she exclaimed, "Total Eclipse of the Heart. It's incredible."

9. Watching Florence sing, it is clear the artist was born with tremendous natural talent for performance. As a child, her inspiration was not unlike that of other children. "Growing up, watching Disney films and musicals, I would always be in my nightgown in my room by myself, singing into a broom handle. It was kind of always there."