Jon Stewart Wins Cramer Showdown

"Mad Money" host seen as sheepish, ill-prepared on Stewart's "The Daily Show."

ByABC News
March 12, 2009, 5:10 PM

March 13, 2009— -- Jon Stewart smoked 'em again .

In one corner sat the "Daily Show" host, whose razor-sharp jabs and adept research team make a mockery of his opponents. In the opposite corner sat Finance Mad Man Jim "Booyah" Cramer, host of "Mad Money," whose stock prognostications sometimes leave heads spinning.

After going round for round in a full-blown media feud, the two men finally faced each other Thursday on the set of "The Daily Show," which Stewart dubbed "Brawl Street" for the day. He decidedly won their showdown.

Even before Cramer walked on set, Stewart had control of the duel. He aired footage of him "training" for the fight with the so-called financial expert next to video of Cramer baking pies on "The Martha Stewart Show." Once the "Mad Money" host sat down at Stewart's desk, the punches started flying fast.

"How the hell did we end up here, Mr. Cramer?," Stewart asked before calling out Cramer and CNBC on not accurately predicting the financial meltdown. He aired clips of Cramer talking about the markets in 2006 that directly contradict the advice he gives on "Mad Money."

"It feels like we are capitalizing your adventure," Stewart said about Cramer's stock market "shenanigans." "It's a game that you know, that you know is going on, but you go on television as a financial network and you pretend it isn't happening."

"I understand you want to make finanace enteratining. But it's not a f****** game," Stewart went on. "You knew what the banks were doing. ... and for now to pretend that this was a crazy once in a lifetime tsunami is disingenuous at best."

Cramer couldn't contend. He claimed he was trying, he and the reporters at CNBC "try really hard to report the news" and admitted he "should do a better job at it."

"I'm a guy trying to do an entertainment show about business," he said sheepishly toward the end of his stint on Stewart's show.

Stewart finished him thusly:

"So maybe we could remove the financial expert from the Cramer we trust and start getting back to the fundamentals of reporting as well, and I can go back to making fart noises and funny faces."

Everyone from Martha Stewart to Carson Daly seemed eager to see who would win.

"Maybe they'll make up and kiss and it could be a great gay moment on television," Daly quipped to Daly has been following the feud from the beginning and declared Stewart "up ahead."

Early Thursday on "The Martha Stewart Show," Cramer confessed he was anxious about his appearance tonight.

"I'm a little nervous," he said. "How bad is it going to be?"

"You should be nervous," Martha responded, to which Cramer asked jokingly, "Is he going to kill me?"

"He's fast as lightning," Martha told him.

When Cramer replied, "I'm slow as molasses," Martha suggested that he take the banana cream pie they would make later on the show. Cramer, who has been known to throw a few pies at the television screen, was holding out on whether to use it as a weapon on Stewart.

"I can turn it into a gift if he's kind to me," Cramer said.

"The Daily Show" host later mocked Cramer's appearance on "The Martha Stewart Show," saying, "Don't you destroy enough dough on your own show?"