Aaron Sorkin on if he would do a 'West Wing' show set in a Trump administration

"West Wing" creator: "I don't find him to be a terribly interesting character."

— -- Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the award-winning political TV drama series, “The West Wing, said he “wouldn’t do” a version of the show with a Donald Trump-type character as president.

“It would look like dead air,” Sorkin told “Nightline.” “I don’t find him to be a terribly interesting character. He is exactly what he looks like.”

The original TV series, which ran from 1999 to 2006 but has found new life on streaming platforms like Netflix, was set in the West Wing of the White House under two-term Democratic President Josiah Bartlet, portrayed by Martin Sheen.

But Sorkin, who is also the creator of “The Newsroom” and is making his directorial film debut with “Molly’s Game,” said he wouldn’t develop a president character based on Trump because he believes “there’s no nuance” there.

“He only ever talks about two things: Himself and his enemies, and that's it,” Sorkin said. “So it's a character that you wouldn't believe the character in a drama. He doesn't have any of the qualities that you that you need to tell a story. There's just no blood there.”