The Adorable Reason 'Veep's' Anna Chlumsky Found Out About 2014 Emmy Awards Nod After Everyone Else

PHOTO: Anna Chlumsky as Amy in season 3 of "Veep."Paul Schiraldi/HBO
Anna Chlumsky as Amy Brookheimer in season 3 of "Veep."

Anna Chlumsky found out a little late about her Emmy Nomination this morning and for good reason -- she was feeding and playing with her daughter Penelope, who turns 1 tomorrow.

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The 33-year-old "Veep" star is in the Bershires for the theatre festival in Massachusetts and she's renting a home with two floors.

"My phone was upstairs and I came downstairs to feed my daughter," she told ABC News. "And then we were just kind of hanging out on the first floor and dancing and just doing fun stuff."

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When Penelope went down for her nap after 9 a.m., that's when she found out the exciting news.

"That's when I went back to the bedroom, where my phone was and saw all the voicemails," she said. "It was a bit delayed gratification for my husband, my manager and my publicist, who all wanted to give me the news."

Though her daughter is too young to realize what this accomplishment means, having a one-year-old and a great family makes an Emmy nomination all the more sweeter for Chlumsky. This is her second nomination for playing Amy on "Veep."

"It really does ground you, having a family, especially one so young. I feel like I am at peace with what all of it means," she said of her young family. "When you are at peace with it, I feel like it enables you to be that much more grateful."

And with another Emmy nod, Chlumsky is so thankful for her "Veep" family, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

"We were rehearsing for the third season when I had to go to the hospital [and give birth]," she said. "Quite literally, we were all having dinner and I went to the hospital that night, so they've been with me, the cast has really been my extended family and little band of doulas this whole time."

She continued, "Penelope was six weeks old when I started work again. I was in the throws of breast feeding and trying to figure out wat all of it was. Having the support system of the extended "Veep" family, it was everything to me. Julia's just the warmest woman in general, then add a bay in the mix and it's just like woman explosion, she's so wonderful with Penny. She loves the babies."

Chlumsky's husband Shaun So is coming back into town tonight and she said, "I'm sure we'll have a little moment to have something a little bubbly and then we'll just continue the good vibes with Penny's birthday tomorrow!"