Amy Winehouse's Funeral Set for Tuesday

Winehouse's rep reveals that bodyguard discovered her body.

ByABC News
July 25, 2011, 12:39 AM

July 25, 2011 — -- Amy Winehouse's funeral will take place on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for the Winehouse family told reporters today that the singer's "funeral will take place on Tuesday and will be a family and close friends affair."

Earlier today, officials began an autopsy to determine what killed the 27-year-old singer, who was found dead in her home in London's Camden district on Saturday. They are waiting for the results of a toxicology test, which are anticipated in two to four weeks. No formal cause of death has been established, and officials reportedly have not find any paraphernalia or sign of drugs in Winehouse's home.

Winehouse's official cause of death will be known in October.

Meanwhile, details about Winehouse's final hours are emerging. Chris Goodman, her U.K.-based representative, told media outlets today that a bodyguard hired to keep watch over the singer discovered her body.

"She was in her bedroom after saying she wanted to sleep, and when he went to wake her he found she wasn't breathing," Goodman told Britain's Sun newspaper. "He called the emergency services straight away. He was very shocked. At this stage no one knows how she died. She died alone in bed."

Winehouse's parents returned to her north London house today, calling themselves "devastated and speechless."

"Amy was about one thing, and that was love," Mitch Winehouse said to the fans and media gathered at the makeshrift shine outside his daughter's home. "Her whole life was devoted to her family friends, and to you guys as well. So we're devastated, and I'm speechless."

Winehouse's family said she had visited the doctor as recently as Friday and received a clean bill of health. There were also reports that she had entered treatment again as recently as last month.

Winehouse was working on an album before she died but canceled her latest tour last month after a Serbia show in which she stumbled, mumbled and got booed by the crowd.

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Winehouse's death follows a lifetime of substance abuse. Though she sought treatment for her drug and alcohol addiction numerous times, even those closest to her could not save her.

Winehouse's relationships with her friends and family -- particularly her ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, and father, Mitch Winehouse -- were fraught at best.

"Blake was the big reason she got addicted to drugs, according to those close to her," said Ian Drew, senior music editor at Us Weekly. "Of course, Blake's family blames Amy. It was, regardless, a very co-dependent relationship. They fed off each other.

"With her father, it was testy," Drew said. "It was complicated. They were incredibly close. She loved her father, but he also fed off her. He was getting his own career going because of her. He couldn't rein her in as much as he loved her."

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Winehouse's mother, Janis Winehouse, also failed to get her the help she needed. In a statement released Sunday, Janis told Us Weekly that she believed her daughter's death had been "only a matter of time" when they met 24 hours earlier. "She seemed out of it," Janis said. "But her passing so suddenly still hasn't hit me."

Her brother, Alex Winehouse, said the family "knew how bad her condition was," but in a 2008 story for the U.K's Sunday Times, written after her Grammy Awards performance and record of the year win, he said he believed she'd conquered her demons.