Mag: Brangelina Dressing Shiloh Boyish

Jolie and Pitt getting heat for daughter Shiloh's new boyish look.

ByABC News
March 5, 2010, 10:23 AM

March 9, 2010— -- Wearing boys' clothes and a new boyish haircut, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt looks more like famous father Brad Pitt these days than equally famous mom Angelina Jolie.

The 3-year-old's tomboyish look has tongues wagging, and last week's cover of Life & Style magazine asking, "Why Is Angelina Turning Shiloh into a Boy?"

But one parenting expert thinks everyone should simmer down and let the child be a child.

"What Shiloh is doing now at 3 is very age-appropriate," Michelle Golland, a clinical psychologist and expert, told "Kids take on different identities. And she has older brothers. In some ways, she's going to aspire to be like them."

Golland said she thinks Jolie and Pitt are taking a healthy approach to Shiloh's self-expression. "I think they are doing exactly what they should do," she said.