Amy Schumer Explains the Anne Hathaway Jab in 'Trainwreck'

PHOTO: Anne Hathaway is pictured on June 15, 2015 in New York City. PlayNoam Galai/Getty Images
WATCH Anne Hathaway Responds to Amy Schumer's Insult in 'Trainwreck'

Amy Schumer took to Twitter Tuesday to explain the "Trainwreck" joke that poked fun at Anne Hathaway.

The comedian tweeted that Judd Apatow, the director behind her hit new movie, was the person who wrote the jab, which mocked Hathaway's excitement over winning an Oscar.

"I love you Anne Hathaway. I have no problem selling out and telling you that that was @JuddApatow s joke he made me say! #truth," she tweeted Thursday.

On Monday, Hathaway posted a photo of her ticket stub and wrote a message to Schumer, who wrote and stars in the film.

"Dear @AmySchumer, Don't pretend like when you win your Oscar — which you could for your brilliant and refreshing writing and/or acting in @TrainwreckMovie — you won't tote it around to every Oscar party you go to," she wrote, signing off, "Way to slay, Annie."