Armie Hammer on the making of 'Call Me by Your Name'

Armie Hammer is hoping movie goers are in the mood for a good love story.

"You will immediately be taken back to the first time you felt all of the same emotions," Hammer added.

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"We kind of get our script. And the only thing it says on that scene is Elio and Oliver roll around in the grass making out," Hammer, 31, told Travers. "So I was just like okay well that's why we're here. I guess we might as well break some ice. So we get down on the ground and we start kissing and the whole thing. And after a few seconds Luca goes, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. This is terrible. It doesn't look like you want to kiss each other. I want you to make out. I want to feel the passion."

Hammer said they tried the scene again.

"So then we start again and we're making out. And we're making out. And we're making out. And we're making out. And we're making out. And we're making out. We're making out to the point where we kind of stopped and we were like, 'No one's saying stop.' And I remember I kind of pulled away and I looked up and Luca was gone. He just left us on the grass making out. So that was our only rehearsal."

"Call Me by Your Name" is in theaters everywhere.

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